Properly Complementing a Residential Drug Rehab in California

The idea of rehabilitation facilities probably evokes images of cold clinical installations or even mid-century mental hospitals. The name itself seems so ominous, carrying with it a lot of connotative weight. However, actual rehabilitation facilities are much more comfortable and welcoming as your idea of them might be. At least the good ones are. This is why when seeking residential drug rehab in California, it is good to know that there should be more to these places than just clinical space for patients to be treated. 

Recovering addicts are not recluses. There should be engaging activities for them to partake in and that will further help in their treatment. Additional therapy can also provide a space for people to get more in touch with their own selves and learn to grow through different channels. These are the kinds of amenities that you should be looking for in residential drug rehab in California, and here’s why.

Therapeutic Treatment

Therapy does not have to be entirely psychiatric. Those are already a part of the rehabilitation process. Holistic and creative forms of therapy, on the other hand, are often not taken into account by rehabilitation facilities. These provide the patients with necessary outlets of expression, a key component of their rehabilitation process. Creative forms of therapy, such as art, music, and movement therapies create a safe space in which the people being treated can properly allow themselves to be vulnerable and find healthy channels for their emotions. When guided by the right professionals, these practices nicely complement the work done by the drug rehabilitation aspect of the program while also offering opportunities for enriching the patient’s moments of leisure.

Additional Activities

Beyond recreational therapy and the treatment in and of itself, residential rehab facilities need to offer things to do outside of the regular program. Patients are living there, after all, so they need ways to properly enjoy their free time, socialize, and have fun. Consider, for example, whether or not the place has outdoor space for the patients to enjoy strolls around the yard or, perhaps, even gardening. Even if they don’t, contact with nature is very important, and hiking outings or nature walks are a highly effective component of any residential rehab treatment. Indoor activities, such as ping pong, board games, or chess can allow the patients to connect with those sharing the space with them, socializing, establishing friendships, and re-developing social skills. Cooking or classes in meal preparation are another way of helping people grow while they are in treatment.

Residential Drug Rehab in California

At Healthy Living Treatment Facility, we take pride in all of the therapeutic practices, additional activities, and general amenities that we offer those who seek residential drug rehab in California. This is rarely an easy moment in a person’s life, which is why one needs the best possible environment to really have this be an enriching and helpful experience in their life. To learn more about what we offer at Healthy Living, one of the best-regarded facilities for residential drug rehab in California, you can reach us by calling (661) 536-5562.

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