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What is Drug and Alcohol Residential Treatment and Rehab?

After detox, your mind and body have the capacity to start the next stage of recovery, residential treatment. There are four main types of therapy options in residential rehab: individual, group, experiential, and family therapies. With the help of therapists, counselors, and experiential instructors, you start to understand the underlying causes of your addiction, develop skills to prevent relapse, and learn how to live without drugs and alcohol.

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Since each case is different, a personalized treatment plan is developed for your specific needs. At our residential rehab center in Santa Clarita, you will have the opportunity to do the necessary work in a comfortable environment, supported by our caring staff. One by one, you will tackle the obstacles in your path to healthy living. We recommend a minimum of one month of residential treatment to build the foundation for further work.

Why You Need Residential Treatment

Safe & Caring Environment

Your environment plays a huge role in the success of your recovery. This includes where you stay and the people around you. Being in the right environment helps you stay focused and motivated towards your recovery goals. Our facility in Santa Clarita, CA, is a safe environment to work on your recovery, and our staff is by your side 24/7 to help you get through this difficult time.

Therapies & Treatments

Addiction has underlying behavioral and psychological causes that need to be uncovered and worked on. Our therapists and counselors guide you through this process to truly understand why there is substance abuse in your life. Start the necessary dialogue and the healing process to regain control of your life.

Drug & Alcohol Education

Most of our staff have been in the same situation as you are in now. They have gone through the same experiences and are able to answer any questions you have. Our counselors have years of experience and training in the substance abuse field, and they are ready to share their depth of knowledge with you. Drug and alcohol education helps you understand the dangers and effects of these substances on your mind and body. Bring light to the reasons why other areas of your life are not aligned with your goals to make the necessary changes.

Peer Support & Recovery Meetings

Recovery is a difficult process, and it is not easy to walk this path alone. Share your story and struggles with others in our program to receive feedback and feel their support. We also encourage our groups to participate in outside AA and NA meetings for alternative perspectives and facilitate the transportation to these recovery meetings during residential treatment.

Relapse Prevention & Case Management

Learn the skills necessary to anticipate, identify, and manage high risk situations that lead to relapse. Our team will help you make security preparations for your future through a stronger life balance. Our case manager helps with any issues you may have during recovery, including medical, legal, and other matters that need to be solved.

What To Expect In Our Residential Rehab Facility

Individual Therapy

During individual therapy sessions, you go through the therapeutic process with one or more of our therapists. Our therapists are highly trained professionals with licenses in their respective fields. Some common individual therapy sessions include behavioral therapy, cognitive therapy, biopsychosocial therapy.

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Group Therapy

Group Therapy is usually the main intervention used in all treatment settings. Our trained counselors will lead 6 hours of daily group therapy sessions by initiating topics of discussion that are relevant to the recovery of our group members. These groups are both educational and provide you with a forum to discuss issues you are currently facing. Some common group therapy sessions include psychoeducational groups, skills development groups, relapse prevention groups, couples therapy, and support groups.

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Family Therapy

A strong and stable family is key to maintaining mental health and living a happy life outside of the family. The common family therapy sessions at our facility include private family therapies, group family therapies, structural therapies, and collateral family treatments. Learn to create healthier relationships in your family for a brighter future.

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Experiential Therapy

Besides the more intense individual and group therapies, you have the option to participate in holistic treatments, such as yoga, meditation, tai chi, acupuncture, art / music therapy, gardening, nature therapy, and recreational treatments. These experiential therapies are designed to complement the main therapies to provide balance of mind, body, and spirit.

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Benefits of Residential Treatment

Personalized Treatment

24 Hour Supervision & Doctor Availability

Medication Assisted Treatment

3 Nutritious Meals a Day

Safe & Comfortable Setting

Education & Career Opportunities

Nature Walks & Outings

Peer Support

Drug & Alcohol Education

Dog Friendly

Length of Treatment

30, 60, or 90 Day
Residential Treatment Program Options

Learn More About Our Therapies

Call our admissions coordinator at (661) 536-5562 to learn more about our residential treatment program in Santa Clarita, CA.

Residential FAQ

Can I work while I am in residential treatment?

We understand the importance of continuing work during your recovery process. Although it is difficult to concentrate on work during the detox stage of recovery, we do allow and make arrangements for you to continue working during the residential treatment phase.

How long is residential treatment?

At the minimum, we recommend one month of residential treatment at our rehab center in Santa Clarita, CA. Recovery is an ongoing process and the longer you stay in our residential program, the stronger your foundation will be for future recovery and growth. We offer up to 3 months of residential treatment.

Will I be able to use my cellphone?

You are allowed to use your cellphone occasionally, after your daily treatments and therapies, and for emergencies.

Can I bring my dog with me to residential treatment?

With the approval of our staff, you are allowed to bring a small dog with you to help in your recovery process.

Can my family visit me in residential treatment?

Yes, your family can visit you during treatment, and they will be part of family therapy sessions.

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