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Aftercare Planning

Continued Support After Residential Treatment

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What is Drug and Alcohol Aftercare Planning?

Rehabilitation has two main objectives for the overall process: treat the effects of addiction so far and prevent future instances and relapses of substance abuse. This means that while the addiction itself needs to be addressed and treated, habits need to be established in order to set up a standard of living that can be maintained beyond the residential treatment. In order to make sure that you are able to do so, thorough aftercare planning is required. No rehabilitation treatment is complete without setting up an appropriate plan of action for the future that prepares the patient for the challenges of life after addiction.

Part of establishing aftercare planning is setting up future support for the patient, including counseling sessions and checkups. Readapting to life without previously used coping mechanisms is not easy. This is why it is important for the patient to be able to count on a support structure after they have left the residential facility. These resources will be instrumental in helping you establish a lifestyle free of substance use.

Relapse Prevention

In order for a rehabilitation treatment to be successful, the patient needs to be set up with the necessary tools to retain progress beyond the residential treatment itself. After all, it’s relatively easy for someone to avoid substances while under constant staff supervision in a residential facility. However, what happens once the patient is out in the real world? How will they navigate their everyday life without using drugs or alcohol as coping mechanisms? In order to address the possibility of use in the future, rehabilitation needs to incorporate relapse prevention into their program. That is ultimately what the whole treatment is going to be about.

Establishing coping mechanisms and healthy habits that prepare the patient for relapse prevention is a vital part of our approach to rehabilitation. We understand the pressures that come from resuming one’s daily life following treatment for substance abuse. In order to relieve some of that pressure and to help the patient be confident in their transition, we make sure to set them up with relapse prevention mechanisms and an aftercare support system. By helping them prepare for the stressors of normal life, we can ease them into normalcy with new tools to handle urges and impulses.

Alumni Program

Take advantage of our alumni program and get the support you need to stay healthy and sober. Our team and previous residents are able to connect with each other through our Facebook alumni group. Stay notified of events and opportunities to stay focused and help others struggling with similar problems.

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