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Family Therapy

Learn How Your Family Can Be a Crucial Part of Your Recovery

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What is Family Therapy?

Family therapy sessions offer a safe space for family members to come together to form healthier bonds with the direction of a licensed family therapist. You and your family will learn about how family functioning and dynamics can both support and interfere with recovery.

No family is the same, so our family therapy sessions are specifically tailored to each individual’s family. Our licensed family therapist will guide you and your family through the necessary conversations and provide you with the tools for lasting recovery and healthier relationships. Your family will learn how they can be of assistance to you during your recovery process and how to continue support once you complete your residential treatment.

Why You Need Family Therapy

The family unit’s stability is key to healthy and happy lives. This stability becomes the base from which individuals can create healthy relationships outside of the family and success in adulthood.

Substance abuse disorders are complex conditions that affect not only people in recovery but their families as well. To get long lasting results, your family should participate in treatment and recovery services.

Types of Family Therapy Sessions

Structural Therapy

Structural Therapy assesses power dynamics within the family unit, and analyzes each family member’s role. The aim is to empower each family member and to bring forth the needs of each member to establish respect and understanding.

Psychoanalysis Therapy

Psychoanalysis Therapy focuses on the analysis of belief systems of individual family members and challenges family rituals and practices especially as it relates to conflict. With this in focus your family will be able to dismantle and disempower belief systems and practices that lead to conflicts.

Strategic Therapy

Strategic Therapy closely examines patterns of interaction and conflict between family members to increase awareness. With this awareness, each individual family member can work to improve how they interact with other members, particularly those facing difficult challenges, such as recovery from substance abuse or parenting challenges.

Narrative Therapy

Narrative Therapy helps individual members of the family to understand each person’s personal narrative. It brings to awareness the skills and gifts of each family member to recognize one’s own value, capability, and competency.

Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy examines intergenerational conflicts and relationships. This form of family therapy is especially useful in homes where grandparents, parents, and children all live together.

Satir Therapy

Satir therapy was developed by Virginia Satir and has a deeply spiritual core. She believed that all people can access, experience, and live from a spiritual life energy. The main goals of this therapy are to increase self esteem, become better decision makers, become more responsible, and become more congruent with your true self.

Benefits of Family Therapy

  • Rebuild family relationships
  • Higher chances of lasting sobriety
  • Empirical evidence proving effectiveness
  • Motivate family members to support each other
  • Reduce chances of abuse in families
  • Learn about each other’s needs
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