How A Residential Rehab Treatment In Los Angeles Offers New Hope

A Residential Rehab Treatment In Los Angeles

When you are fighting addiction, you need all the help that you can receive. This can often mean admitting yourself into a residential rehab treatment in Los Angeles. Addiction is a serious problem in the United States, associated with “Rising rates of suicides, drug overdoses and deaths linked to alcohol abuse”. Long-term rehab is very rare in the United States, typically because there is a rehabilitation industry standard of 30 days, or a month. This is not just because this is the time period of the worst withdrawal symptoms, but because this is the length of stay endorsed by insurers. When a stay at a luxury center can cost as much as $75,000 per month, clients who want to stay for longer periods will find themselves forced to pay out of their own pocket. You may be tempted to go to a more expensive rehabilitation center because it is connected with a celebrity, or has been endorsed by somebody that you follow. However, if you want to recover from your addiction, then you need a place to stay why you can trust the staff and expect to get help in order to overcome your cravings.

A Residential Rehab Treatment In Los Angeles

Staying In Rehab For Longer Periods Is Beneficial

All the evidence suggests that you are more likely to succeed in overcoming your drug addiction if you stay at a residential facility. “The longer your exposure to treatment, the better your chances of recovery”. Experts agree with this statement, with experts from the University of California arguing that one of the main problems with many rehab programs is that “They end too soon“. The evidence from a study in Australia which followed the relapse rates of addicts showed that those who simply entered into a detox facility were as likely to be using after three months as those who had not been treated at all. The real benefit was for users who went to rehabilitation, which resulted in just under 50 percent of addicts abstaining. While a much lower percentage of addicts were free after three years, rehab graduates were still more likely to be abstinent than those from detox centers. This means that there is more chance of a successful withdrawal if you enter a longer-term rehabilitation facility.

Entering A Residential Rehab Treatment Program In Los Angeles

When you come into a residential addiction facility in the LA region, you can expect to be treated with care and consideration. Recovering from an addiction is not easy, and often means putting yourself into a position where you are having to separate yourself from friends and family, and even from your workplace in order to recover from an addiction. You are committing to freeing yourself from addiction, and this means that you get a good service. Not only do you need the support of drug counselors, but you should also receive the care of mental health professionals who will be able to understand your needs, and decide whether you have a co-morbidity which is affecting your ability to deal with your addiction. A long-term residential facility can manage these problems by giving you the time and space needed to deal with your issues, and confront the causes of your addiction. We offer a long-term residential service that manages both the physical and mental needs of our addicts. Medical professionals as well as addiction specialists at Healthy Living can assist you in combating your addiction and will help you to overcome your cravings. When you call (661) 536-5562, we are here to give you the support you need.

Get Genuine Hope With Us

Rather than trying to force you into a tight time frame where you have to detox and recover in only a month, at Healthy Living, our residential rehab treatment in Los Angeles is designed to give you a time to negotiate your new position as a recovered addict. We believe that you need to receive holistic therapy, extending from your mental health to preventative solutions to eating well, and to finding other activities that you enjoy. Part of recovery is coming out of yourself, and learning to interact again with the world around you. We can help you to do that as part of our programs, which includes art therapy and music therapy, Reiki and movement therapy that will allow you to feel your body becoming healthier as your mind returns to its original state. Whether you want to learn how to eat well in the future, want to make soap in order to have a skill that could earn you money, or you want to interact with nature and animals, we can provide you with the ability to recover fully. To start the process, simply contact the Healthy Living team using our online message form today.

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