At Healthy Living, we offer comprehensive Santa Clarita rehab for all forms and degrees of addiction. Whether you’re struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction, our program is the perfect tool for achieving sustained sobriety.

The benefits of the Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)

MAT relies on targeted medication to address the effects of opioid and alcohol use disorders. It is the ideal approach in the case of advanced stages of addiction, where patients show severe withdrawal and drastic behavioral changes. MAT comes with several short and long-term benefits, which include:

  • Reduces cravings
  • Minimizes or eliminates withdrawal symptoms, allowing for faster recovery
  • Prevents short-term relapse
  • Drastically reduces the risk of overdosing
  • Rewires the neuropathways and resets the addicted brain
  • Improves behavioral and psychological stability
  • Prepares patients for the upcoming stages of recovery, etc.

Our Santa Clarita drug rehabs rely on MAT to help victims of addiction regain their physical and mental stability. It is an essential tool in the recovery process, with immediate and long-term benefits.

Is medication for addiction dangerous?

Medicating for drug or alcohol addiction is a complex task that requires professional intervention and supervision. We discourage our clients from refraining from any form of self-detox or self-medication since they lack the expertise and knowledge necessary. Many of our patients have attempted self-medication prior to joining our program, and the results have never been desirable.

In these situations, you risk unforeseen drug interactions, overdosing, or even potentially lethal side-effects. At our drug rehab center in Santa Clarita, we offer access to the most advanced recovery programs, under the strict supervision of qualified experts. Our expertise in the field of rehab and medication-based treatments allows us to:

  • Provide security and professional assistance during the treatment
  • Monitor your progress throughout every recovery phase
  • Intervene immediately in case of emergency
  • Ensure your safety and comfort during the more delicate medical procedures (detox, MAT, dual-diagnosis treatment, etc.)

What happens during the MAT?

Our addiction treatment in Santa Clarita begins with intake and assessment, during which our experts will assess your medical status and build the treatment according to your profile. This is essential for recommending a personalized approach to medication, depending on the substance you’re using, withdrawal symptoms, and even co-occurring disorders. During our Santa Clarita, CA, drug treatment, you will follow specific medication plans and engage in various forms of psychotherapies and counseling sessions.

Our doctors will prescribe specific medication, based on the drugs you’re on. For opioids, you will receive Buprenorphine and Naltrexone. These inhibit the effects of the opioids, prevent cravings, and reduce the withdrawal. For alcohol addiction, you will receive, Naltrexone, Acamprosate, and Disulfiram for craving reduction and reducing the euphoric effects of alcohol intoxication.

At Healthy Living, we offer the best chemical dependency treatment in Santa Clarita that promotes recovery, safety, and long-term sobriety. Call our Santa Clarita rehab at 661-536-5562, and our rehab professionals will take your case immediately! We specialize in holistic recovery and offer medication, therapeutic support, and aftercare assistance and advice for all degrees of substance addiction.

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