At Healthy Living, we offer premier santa clarita drug treatment at affordable prices. With a personalized treatment approach, we offer the best drug and alcohol treatment in santa clarita in a state-of-the-art facility and help patients embrace sobriety long term.

What makes us the best santa clarita drug addiction treatment center?

As a pioneer treatment facility for alcohol and drug addiction in santa clarita, we create customized treatment plans for each of our patients. We are a rehab facility with the highest success rates when it comes to the percentage of patients maintaining sobriety for more than a year after treatment.

We focus on diagnosing and addressing the underlying cause of addiction, which helps reduce the chances of relapse in our patients. As the #1 rehab facility for drug and alcohol treatment, we offer luxury accommodations, a large array of amenities, and use evidence-based therapies to help patients attain a safe and speedy recovery from addiction.

Steps involved in drug treatment at a rehab facility

Addiction treatment ideally begins with admissions and intake. During the intake process, our clinical team will conduct a thorough physical and mental health examination. Based on the results, we will devise a customized treatment plan to help you overcome withdrawal and recover fast.

Medical detox is the first step in our addiction treatment process, which can take 7 – 10 days. After detox, we will take you in a series of psychotherapy, counseling, and group therapy sessions. During these sessions, we focus on addressing the causes of your addiction and equip you with critical skills, exercises, and tools to help you manage cravings, triggers, and stressful situations. We also regulate and moderate support group sessions to help our patients embrace sobriety with peer support.

Types of drug treatments that we offer

As a leading treatment facility for drug treatment in santa clarita, we offer different types of therapies to help patients embrace sustainable sobriety. Here are the different types of drug treatments that we offer:

  • Residential treatment – We offer the best inpatient rehab treatment in a safe, supportive, and serene environment. We will create a customized treatment plan exclusively for you and engage you in a series of psychotherapies, support group sessions, counseling, and group therapy sessions.
  • Medically monitored detoxification service – We offer highly effective medical detox in our state of the art facility with the help of our compassionate, experienced, and skilled clinical team. Our detox program flushes out the toxic remains from your body and prepares your mind and body for sobriety in the long term.
  • Experiential therapy – We engage our patients in a broad range of experiential therapies like sculpting, rock climbing, music therapy, yoga, recreation therapy, etc., all of which help our recovering addicts to process and overcome their past trauma. These hands-on and engaging activities also offer an opportunity for recovering addicts to process through their repressed feelings and emotions.

Call us at 661-536-5562 for more details on our santa clarita drug treatment. Healthy Living is a leading facility for addiction treatment services in santa clarita with excellent amenities, comfortable accommodations, and a compassionate staff team.

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