Joining a heroin rehab in Santa Clarita can be an intimidating decision to make, but it is the first step towards a brighter, healthier, and liberating tomorrow. Healthy Living Residential Program offers highly effective heroin addiction treatment at the lowest costs in a state-of-the-art treatment center.

What are the medications used in heroin detox?

Medications help ease the withdrawal symptoms and minimize cravings. As one of the leading nearby alcohol rehabs, we prescribe Methadone, Buprenorphine, and Naltrexone to help our clients overcome the withdrawal phase and get clean.

Why should I choose inpatient rehab for heroin addiction?

It offers the highest level of care, providing you with an immersive healing experience. Inpatient programs include around-the-clock medical care and allow you to heal from addiction in a secluded and tranquil environment. Undergoing inpatient treatment at our Santa Clarita drug rehab also optimizes your chances of attaining sobriety safely and successfully.

Do I need heroin addiction treatment?

If you suffer from paranoia, constipation, depression, nausea, vomiting, or shortness of breath, you should sign up for a suboxone treatment program. Taking heroin in large amounts or experiencing a persistent desire to use the drug more frequently indicate that you may have an addiction disorder.

What happens if I leave heroin addiction untreated?

While heroin use may seem harmless at first, it can produce dizziness and drowsiness as some of its side-effects. Heroin use can develop into an addiction in no time, and your body build tolerance to the drug rather quickly. Over time, you may no longer feel normal without heroin, as your brain will lose its ability to produce dopamine on its own. This will lead you to increase your heroin dose and put yourself at a greater risk of a fatal heroin overdose.

What are the withdrawal symptoms of heroin?

Common heroin withdrawal symptoms include gastrointestinal upset, insomnia, agitation, sweating, anxiety, and muscle aches.

How long do the heroin withdrawal symptoms last?

The length of withdrawal can vary depending upon the length of time you abuse heroin, how much of the drug you’re using each time, frequency of use, the presence of co-occurring mental disorders, and the method of ingestion.

Symptoms typically begin within 6 – 8 hours of your last dose and reach their peak by the 3rd or 4th day. While the symptoms usually reduce within 7 – 8 days, the post-acute withdrawal symptoms can last for several months. Some long-lasting symptoms include anxiety, depression, insomnia, and irritability.

What should I know about heroin detox?

Heroin detox ensures a safe recovery from the withdrawal symptoms and minimizes the risk of getting injured. While self-harm and relapse are a high risk during the withdrawal phase, our California heroin detox program reduces the risk of either complication.

What is the treatment for heroin addiction?

Signing up for inpatient treatment at a leading rehab can help you overcome the withdrawal symptoms safely and embrace sobriety in the long term. Alternatively, you may also undergo medical detox at one of the best CA drug rehab and alcohol treatment centers for comprehensive recovery from your substance abuse disorder.

Call 661-536-5562 to verify your insurance with our heroin rehab in Santa Clarita. Healthy Living Residential Program is a top-rated heroin rehab with hundreds of positive reviews and a low relapse rate. Contact us today for rehab-related help.

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