If fighting addiction alone doesn’t work, we welcome you to our rehab in Santa Clarita. At Healthy Living, we offer access to the best Santa Clarita rehabs, providing high-end medication programs, controlled therapies, and holistic treatment for sustained sobriety.

Is drug rehab expensive?

Compared to the long-term costs of drug rehab, no. People struggling with advanced drug addiction end up losing all their finances, their homes, jobs, and friends and families to their addiction. Financially speaking, addiction causes tremendous losses over time. The cost of the rehab will depend on a variety of factors. This includes the degree of addiction and the duration and intensity of the treatment.

At our drug rehab center in Santa Clarita, we accept all PPO insurance plans. Depending on your plan, your insurance can cover many days of rehab and a variety of treatment programs and procedures. To ensure the most transparent collaboration between our patients and us, we always perform in-depth insurance verifications prior to admission. The process includes:

  • Conducting Verification of Benefits
  • Providing comprehensive quoting depending on the findings (how much your insurance will cover and how much you need pay extra)
  • After agreeing to the terms, signing the financial obligations and begin the admission process

An important aspect to cover: if you have already used your insurance benefits, you may need to provide co-payment on deductible costs prior to admission. Also, be aware that our residential Santa Clarita, CA, drug treatment does not participate in Medicare government programs.

Should I begin rehab?

We advise all our clients to join the rehab program no matter the stage of their addiction. Even showing up for a formal intake process can literally save your life. In many situations, people are unaware of how advanced their condition is and that it can trigger and hide underlying and potentially deadly co-occurring disorders. We have designed our addiction treatment in Santa Clarita according to the highest quality and safety standards in the business.

When dealing with aggravated forms of addiction, medical and psychiatric support is imperative for attaining sobriety and preventing a variety of problems. Here we include the danger of overdosing, personal, professional, and even legal issues, health problems, etc. Money should be the last thing on your mind right now. You only need to contact us, and we’ll perform an insurance check to provide you with the best deal asap.

The best drug rehab center

We believe that the best rehabilitation center is one that delivers comprehensive rehab services, including medical assistance, dual-diagnosis support, therapies, and aftercare planning. Anything less will fall short from providing a real solution to the problem. Substance addiction is only an indicator of more severe underlying issues, which include trauma, co-occurring disorders, job or family problems, etc.

At Healthy Living, we have created the perfect chemical dependency treatment in Santa Clarita. At our rehab in Santa Clarita, we offer medical treatment and assistance, therapeutic support, and a serene, safe environment for fast and sustained recovery. Call us at 661-536-5562 and get ready for the admission process! This is your chance to leave addiction behind for good!

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