If you want to undergo drug or alcohol detox to escape addiction, you need to contact our team at Healthy Living. We have the finest detox centers in santa clarita, offering safe and effective detox, along with comprehensive therapies and counseling.

The dangers of self-detox

When it comes to high-risk drugs and even alcohol, self-detox and self-management are very poor and even dangerous ideas. Not only that self-detox fails in most cases, but it can become life-threatening under specific circumstances. Some of the dangers linked to DIY drug or alcohol detox procedures include:

  • Failure to counter withdrawal effectively which causes a never-ending cycle of relapse
  • Potentially deadly drug interactions
  • Unknown and dangerous side-effects due to mixing various drugs
  • The risk of overdosing
  • Triggering or aggravating any pre-existent co-occurring disorders
  • Destroying the patient’s confidence in ever achieving sobriety
  • Causing liver or heart disease, or even mental issues
  • The danger of developing new forms of addiction, etc.

The dangers clearly outweigh the potential benefits, which is why you need to come to our santa clarita detox center today. We perform personalized detox procedures in a safe and controlled environment for immediate benefits.

How detox works in a rehab center

We have the best drug and alcohol detox center specializing in long-term recovery and support. Knowing how addiction works, we have designed our detox program as a vital part of the recovery process, rather than a standalone procedure. The detoxification process works in three stages:

  1. Clinical evaluation – During this stage, our clinicians assess your medical condition and build the detox strategy accordingly. This includes determining the drug plan, establishing the duration of the procedure, and considering potential side-treatments for co-occurring disorders.
  2. Stabilization – Our professionals will supervise your progress throughout the entire duration of the drug detox in santa clarita, CA. We do that to make sure you respond well to the treatment and make adjustments depending on how the situation progresses.
  3. Preparation for rehab – Our detox treatment in LA, CA, is only the first step in the rehabilitation process. The rehab treatment also consists of therapies, dual-diagnosis support, and care, counseling, etc., and these are only available after detox.

Once you have completed the detox procedure, you are ready to move to other forms of treatment during our residential care system.

The benefits of residential detox

The main benefit is safety. We have a team of professionals guiding the entire process and ready to intervene in case anything goes wrong. The second one is effectiveness. Self-detox fails to deliver as expected because people lack the knowledge and expertise to garner the best results. Our professionals have performed countless procedures with outstanding success over time. Lastly, professional detox will prepare you for more extensive forms of treatment as part of an overarching recovery process.

At Healthy Living, we have the ideal detox centers in santa clarita. We offer compassion, knowledge, comprehensive rehab services, and a friendly and peaceful environment to recover and your own pace. Contact us at 661-536-5562, and we’ll get you ready for the admission process asap!

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