What Can You Expect From Residential Rehab Treatment in Santa Clarita

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Residential rehab treatment in Santa Clarita is designed to help you break an addiction, either to drugs or alcohol, by helping you manage your symptoms as you detox. There are many benefits to choosing a residential program, but a complete focus on your recovery is one of the best. If you’ve never stayed in such a facility before, you likely have some questions and would like to know what you can expect during your stay. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know.

Individualized Programs

When you stay in a residential treatment program, you will get a treatment plan that’s designed specifically for your needs. The parts of your plan may be different from the other residents in your facility and are chosen based on your addiction and many other factors go into it. They include what substance you use, how long you’ve been using and other physical and mental health concerns.

Residential Rehab Treatment in Santa Clarita: Therapy Sessions

Your therapy sessions while in residential detox will likely be a mixture of both group therapy and one and one therapy. Group sessions aim to help you build connections with other residents and coping skills to help you avoid a relapse upon your release. One on one sessions are aimed at boosting self esteem and helping you learn to make healthy lifestyle choices. The amount of time you spend in therapy may vary based on what you need to get from it and our facility offers experienced medical and mental wellness experts who help you take care of your body and your mind.

Other Group Meetings

You’ll also have access to a variety of other group meetings that help you on your road to recovery. This might be a class that talks about self esteem and how to build yours up without the use of substances. It might be a relapse prevention session that gives you usable strategies for preventing a relapse once you’re released from the program or it could be a spiritual growth session that helps you learn to trust yourself and make healthy lifestyle choices. These groups are a complement to the traditional therapy sessions undertaken in residential rehab treatment in Santa Clarita.a Residential rehab treatment Santa Clarita

Holistic Treatment

There’s a lot more to successful recovery than just quitting your substance of choice. Learning to take care of your body and make healthy choices also plays a role. Holistic treatment includes movement exercises, energy work, art therapy, trauma therapy, music therapy and nutritional wellness. It pays to take part in as many as you can because you’ll have many ways to prevent a relapse and live a healthy life as you recover and ultimately move forward with your life.

Making the choice to seek out residential rehab treatment in Santa Clarita is a big step, but an important one in your journey to recovery. Taking it seriously and working hard ensures a successful recovery.

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