Get Clean With a Detox Program In Los Angeles

a Detox Program In Los Angeles

When the time has come for you to admit that you are seriously addicted to drugs, alcohol or have other cravings, and that this addiction has got out of control and is causing damage to you and those around you, then you need to find a detox program in Los Angeles that can help you towards recovery. When you come to Healthy Living, our program believes in non-judgment of addicts, and a residential facility that is safe and welcoming so that the start of your journey away from addiction is not frightening or depressing. We believe that our methods can help addicts to go further in the recovery process, and even progress to sobriety with our help.

a Detox Program In Los Angeles

Detoxifying With Us

We are a fully licensed facility by the Department of Health Care Services in California. Operating as a detox treatment center by board-certified and experienced doctors who are specialists in treating a variety of addictions and mental health issues. Our detox service is also a medically assisted process, giving you 24-hour care from sensitive staff who are aware that you are facing a difficult time, and understand that as an individual you need care and consideration as you go through this process. We are here to help you step away from your drug or alcohol addiction, and move towards a full recovery from substance abuse.

What We Provide

During the detoxification process, we aim to help you manage the initial withdrawal process after acute intoxication. When you come into our facility, we will evaluate your detoxification requirements, making a note of any signs of current withdrawal, and assessing the severity of your symptoms as the detoxification proceeds. Our process will clear the body of toxins, and this means taking away a substance that you are extremely dependent upon, both psychologically and physically. Because we know that the documentation process can be a difficult one, we aim to minimize the amount of mental and physical harm, which is triggered by the detox. We conduct a clinically managed detoxification in our detox retreat, providing not only medical and staff support, but also social and peer support for those who require 24-hour care during their withdrawal.

Moving On From Withdrawal

After the withdrawal stage, we can then proceed to the recovery process, rehabilitating addicts to allow them to enter society with the ability to resist addictive substances in the future. The recovery process will be performed in conjunction with those around you, including family, friends and others who have invested in your future recovery, and our staff will work with you so that you can identify future stresses or obstacles in your recovery, and teaching you coping mechanisms that will allow you to manage the possibility of relapse. When you are ready to start your withdrawal process, our detox program in Los Angeles could be the start of a new life for you. Reach out to Healthy Living Residential Program either using our online form, or call (661) 536-5562 today.

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