24/7 Medically Monitored Drug and Alcohol Detox in Santa Clarita, CA

Go through Detox with minimal or no withdrawal symptoms. Call now to speak to our admissions coordinator.

What is Drug and Alcohol Detox?

Using drugs or alcohol for a long period of time builds a physical and psychological dependency. When you stop using these substances, the body and mind start to panic and withdrawal symptoms begin.

Drug and alcohol detox is the first step to recovery. It is the process of your body removing the toxins built up from these substances. Depending on the substance and length of use, detox can last anywhere between a few days up to a few weeks.

Why You Need Drug and Alcohol Detox

Withdrawal Symptoms

One of the main reasons people are afraid to stop using drugs or alcohol is the withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms can range from body aches and cramps to seizures and possible death. This is why it is never a good idea to detox on your own.

Safety & Care

Our doctors and medical detox team will work with your particular case to ensure a smooth, comfortable, and safe detox from drugs and alcohol with minimal or no withdrawal symptoms.

What to Expect in Our Detox Program

Doctor Evaluation

The first step of our medical drug and alcohol detox program is getting an evaluation by one of our doctors. They will evaluate your current physical / mental state and medical history to create a personalized detox and recovery plan.


MAT or Medication Assisted Treatment is an evidence-based, whole patient approach to treatment. It is the combination of FDA approved medication with counselling and behavioral therapies to help you go through detox and rehab with minimal to no withdrawal symptoms. This allows you to focus on recovery and decrease chances of relapse. An example of MAT would be when our doctor approves the use of Buprenorphine and Buprenorphine products for opioid use disorders, like heroin abuse. Learn more about MAT.

24/7 Medical Monitoring

Our doctors are on call 24/7 for your needs and will make any adjustments during detox and rehab to make sure you have a safe and comfortable recovery. Our trained team is on site 24/7 and monitors your medical condition closely and intervenes when necessary. Rest assured that you are in good hands.


This depends on the substance and length of use. Detox can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

Nausea or vomiting, intense cravings, depression or anxiety, increased or irregular heart rate, increased irritability, confused thinking or difficulty with concentration, sleeping issues and insomnia, muscle soreness or stiffness, headaches, sweating, fever, seizures or panic attacks, and hallucinations.

Naltrexone, Acamprosate, and Disulfiram

Buprenorphine / Buprenorphine products and Naltrexone

The cost of detox is covered by your insurance benefits. If you do not have insurance, please call our admissions coordinator to speak about a private payment plan.