Find Rest And Recovery At A Detox Retreat In Los Angeles

A Detox Retreat In Los Angeles

Like more than 20 million people in the United States, you are struggling with a substance addiction. The addiction not only costs you financially, but can also negatively affect your family and the surrounding community including your place of work. There are also other effects, including “compromised physical and mental health…loss of productivity, reduced quality of life, increased crime…and health care costs”. The writers of this medical report also stated that one of the most serious consequences of drug addiction are thousands of addicts that die each year. Even alcohol, a legal and socially acceptable drug, is estimated to cause more than 80,000 deaths every year, or at least 10% of deaths in adults of working age. The number of deaths involving drug misuse, including prescription drugs, has spiraled to nearly 50,000 every year. You don’t want to become one of the statistics, and have already attempted a short stay rehab program. Experts from the National Institute on drug abuse believe that “longer-term programs of about 12 weeks” are necessary for full recovery. If you are prepared to give voluntary recovery another go, then you should speak to Healthy Living, and arrange a visit to our residential detox retreat in Los Angeles. We can help you to find the path out of addiction, so speak to our team today by calling (661) 536-5562 now.

Get Professional Assistance At A Detox Retreat In Los Angeles

When you are withdrawing from a serious addiction, you don’t want to do it alone. Withdrawal can be a serious medical issue, and many patients suffer from hallucinations, anxiety and tremors, to name a few of the symptoms. You may be in extreme pain as the body responds to the withdrawal, and you may feel very unwell. Withdrawal by yourself may also cause other problems including excessive vomiting, aspiration (inhaling vomit), and seizures. Rather than risk your health by trying to go it alone, you should instead consider taking your time at rehabilitation facility, including receiving assistance from a professional during a medically assisted detox. There are several types of long-term detox and recovery programs, including those which focus upon 12-step principles, and those which aim to provide their patients with a therapeutic treatment program based around a community of addicts and addiction specialists. You can choose a residential program like this when you come to Healthy Living and discuss your needs with us.

Long-Term Care For Serious Conditions

When you come into our treatment facility, the detox process will only be the first stage in recovery. The truth is that completing a plan of detox will not “Guarantee long-term recovery unless additional substance abuse treatment efforts are made”. The truth is that detox by itself does nothing except physical drug from your system. However, the mental issues associated with addiction and withdrawal including cravings and mood swings will still be there. The longer that you have suffered from your addiction, the more likely it is that you will struggle if you attempt to recover simply using a medically assisted detox process. You may expect to receive standard treatments including group therapy, which will include spiritual growth sessions, tools to prevent relapse, and sessions designed to improve your self-confidence and ability to communicate and trust others. By ensuring that you develop these essential skills, we can encourage you to strengthen your coping mechanisms, skills that you will need when you leave our residential facility and go back to your family and to your career. We aim to provide you with the concrete assistance that you will need to fill confident that you can cope with daily life without the need for substances and drugs.

From Drug Addiction To Sobriety

Many of our patients have arrived after experiencing other drug detox programs. They will tell you that these centers had little to no after-care, and that after they achieved sobriety they were left without support. The road to sobriety can be very lonely and stressful, and it is easy to feel as though drugs were the only thing keeping you going. However, we want you to leave our residential detox retreat in Los Angeles feeling supported, and having linked with other recovering addicts who will help them to keep clean, and stay away from their drugs. Our principles are that the residential center should be a safe place where clients can try to open up about their issues, exploring the reasons why they have turned to drugs in the first place, and discussing how they can evade these problems in the future. We also practice more holistic therapies than you would see in a standard 30-day detox unit. We offer practices including energy work and mindfulness, the latter of which will involve meditation and movement. If you are ready to try a long-term detox and residential facility, then start the process by sending Healthy Living an online message today.

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