Why Professional Detox In Santa Clarita Is The Best Path To Recovery

Professional Detox In Santa Clarita
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There is a serious issue with drug addiction in Los Angeles, and across the United States as a whole. One of the most serious problems that we see is opiate addiction, which is responsible for high levels of overdoses and criminal behavior. In the last decade, there has also been a particular swing away from the standard opiates of the past, such as heroin, and a growing tendency to form a dependency upon prescription painkillers with at least 20 percent of patients in 2015 being assessed as overdosing on narcotic analgesics. It has been shown that by the middle of the second decade of this century, there has been four times the rate of death from prescription painkiller overdoses as in the last decade of the 20th century. This is a serious complication in drug recovery, because it often means that addicts have to overcome the wide availability of these drugs, and the fact that they may need painkillers in order to recover from injuries or chronic pain. Overcoming opiates in this situation will often mean using a professional detox in Santa Clarita, such as that offered by Healthy Living. To find out more about how we can assist you with drug addiction, including prescription painkillers, send us an online message today.

Overcoming The Issue Of Withdrawal

Perhaps one of the most complicated aspects of detoxification is the symptoms that are associated with withdrawal. It is an established fact that many patients struggle to go through detoxification, because withdrawal is so severe. Because the body is now used to the drug, and craves it, it responds by sending out signals of distress. The detoxifying patient may suffer from nausea, aches and pains, and tremors, seizures or agitation. For most addicts, it is possible to prescribe painkillers in order to alleviate the problem, but when the patient is suffering from heroin or prescription opiate addiction, it is not possible to prescribe the type of painkillers necessary. In fact, it may have the opposite effect of reinforcing the craving, and making the withdrawal pointless. Finding the right way to withdraw is essential in order to ensure your successful detoxification, and Healthy Living always perform a standard assessment before you enter our facilities. This is so that we can help you ensure that you can cope with a full withdrawal, and come out the other side clean.

What About 12 Step Programs?

Many people believe that they can successfully withdraw from drug addiction using the 12 step program. This has often been shown to work in the case of alcoholics, and those addicted to the standard form of drug addiction such as heroin. However, in the case of someone who is addicted to prescription drugs, or to drugs such as methamphetamine, 12 step programs may not be the most successful. In fact, attempting to withdraw from these drugs by yourself, or with the assistance of friends can be dangerous. In some cases, the 12 step also not allow you to receive any form of prescription medication designed to help you withdraw. This can make the whole process much more uncomfortable, and may mean that you have to suffer unnecessarily. In fact, some research has shown that this is the worst way to manage opioids, and that addicts should be given all of the support necessary including medical monitoring and access to necessary medication. At Healthy Living we attempt to give you the best opportunity to recover from your addiction, and use a holistic method to ensure that your health does not suffer during the withdrawal process

You Need A Medically Assisted Detox In Santa Clarita

In the past, most addicts would attempt to go cold turkey at least once or twice before they realized they needed professional help to detox. The path to recovery is extremely difficult, and you could damage your chances of a successful withdrawal if you attempt to go it alone. Cold turkey is perhaps the worst method of withdrawal, because it leaves you with the full symptoms of a detoxification, without any of the assessment and medical care that you would need to get help. In order to find a better solution to this problem, you should consider attending the Healthy Living Residential program.

We are here to assist you

The best way to ensure that you achieve a successful recovery is to attempt a full detox in our Santa Clarita facility. We not only offer a detox program which is designed to offer you medically assisted treatment, but we can provide you with a residential program that will enhance the process of recovering from your addiction. We not only offer the basics of group therapy, including relapse prevention and building trust, but we also provide holistic treatments, such as Reiki, music therapy and trips to animal refuges and outdoor locations. We believe that you can build a better future with our help, so seek help from us by calling (661) 536-5562 now.

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