How Addicts Could Benefit From A Detox Program In Los Angeles

A Detox Program In Los Angeles
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Medical reports and evaluations since 2014 have demonstrated that more than 20 million Americans have substance abuse problems. While these addictions are not always the screaming chaos that you see in the media, in many cases addicts require long-term attention in order to withdraw correctly and to recover fully. Evidencing 2016 showed that “Most people with substance abuse disorders do not seek treatment on their own…[but] do access the health care system for other reasons… like overdose…HIV/AIDS, heart disease or depression”. Hospital is where most addicts experience detox and withdrawal for the first time, and it is not a pleasant time. In addition, most often these medically based withdrawals are treated as though they are completely separate from mental health issues and other co-morbidities. Experts now agree that the separation of addiction and other healthcare services, including mental health, has been costly for both individuals and for the state. With the help of Healthy Living, you can combine both mental health care and a detox program in Los Angeles, meaning that you can resolve some or all of the inner problems that you have been struggling with, and using addiction to conceal.

A Detox Program In Los Angeles

Does A Residential Detox Program In Los Angeles Work?

In the last decade or so there has been a great deal of conversation about what type of addiction programs work for patients. A documentary in 2016 talked about the benefits of treating patients, typically expecting residential programs to operate a 12-step schedule. However, they state that the success rate of these programs, typically based on Alcohol Anonymous is “not good. It is helpful for 5-10%…but it shouldn’t be thought of as the standard of treatment because if fails for most people”. The makers of the program believe that the only real solution is medical treatment in the form of new drugs to overcome addiction, but at Healthy Living, we believe that it is not the only solution, and that there are better options open to people who are suffering from the effects of long-term addiction. Medically assisted detox can give you a fresh start, and psychological therapy can help you to pinpoint the causes of your addiction, showing you that you don’t have to use drugs to conceal your problems. In fact, we offer holistic therapies that can be used to overcome both your physical withdrawal, and the long-lasting mental effects of addiction. You can find out more about our policies by sending us a question through our message form.

Removing Yourself From Temptation

There are also other benefits to long-term residential drug treatment, including taking away from the source of your temptation. Many addicts find it hard to go through the same routines every day after recovery because there are many triggers and reminders of the substance that they have been addicted to. You take out the temptation of your addiction, and you can overcome the problems associated with emerging into recovery, such as relapse and overdose. Secondly, by moving into a long-term rehabilitation center, you can address the problems associated with the change to brain chemistry connected to addiction. Most people believe that long-term residential treatment is the only solution to readjusting your brain “When someone’s brain is hijacked by an addiction, six weeks isn’t long enough…for their brain to stop craving the drug”. When you consider that most insurance companies will only pay out for a 30 day stay, this shows the wide gulf between those who actually need addiction treatment and the medical and insurance community that they need to support them.

Try A Holistic Detox Program

If you want to recover successfully from your addiction, then you may need more than a short stay program. A long-term residential rehab unit will provide you with a few days of detox, closely monitored by a medical team and accompanied by assessment and evaluation of your required treatment. In most cases, you will be given the assistance you need to recover fully, including the development of a full-scale individual treatment plan, which will describe how we will proceed when you have completed the detox stage of the process, and are able to begin the follow-up processes such as group therapy and individual treatment. When you come into our residential detox program in Los Angeles, you can expect to be assessed by our team, which includes the analysis of a qualified psychiatrist. They will assess you for long-term mental health issues, known as co-morbidities, which can complicate recovery and make it harder for you to overcome addiction. With the assistance of our professional team, you can get the help you need to stabilize your health. The only way to receive this type of treatment is to a residential drug program, and if you need this form of assistance, then you should start the process by calling Healthy Living at (661) 536-5562 now.

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