Ensure Successful Withdrawal With Expert Detox In Los Angeles

Expert Detox In Los Angeles
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Los Angeles is a city living with a serious drug problem. Like in the rest of the United States, California as a state has seen a rising trend of drug mortality, reaching levels of nearly 17 per every 100,000 people in the States as a whole, and 2.3 for every 100,000 people in Los Angeles alone. In California, the city is the most significant contributor to drug deaths, as San Diego, the city with the next largest percentage of drug deaths, is only at 1.3 per 100,000. The nature of the deaths in California is also significant, with methamphetamine and prescription narcotics being the most common causes of death. Cocaine, typically connected with media cities, barely registers as significant. Of these, methamphetamine is perhaps the biggest problem that California has to deal with. If you are struggling yourself with addictions, think that the time has come to avoid becoming a statistic, then you need help from a drug and alcohol expert detox in Los Angeles region. When you come to the Healthy Living residential facility, you can get high quality service involving a full detox and residential program. To find out more about what we have to offer you today, call (661) 536-5562 and speak to a member of our team.

Treating Addiction Successfully With Withdrawal

When you acknowledge that you have developed an addiction to drugs or alcohol, then you may think that you are hopelessly lost, to become one of America’s addiction statistics. However, there are two important things that you need to know about addiction. Firstly, it is a chronic condition, which means that it needs to be treated and monitored for a person’s entire lifetime, and secondly, it is entirely possible to treat addiction and manage it successfully as you would with any other health problem. One of the most powerful potential solutions to drug addiction is to combine medically assisted withdrawal with behavioral therapy and preventative measures. You could successfully manage to withdraw from your drugs, and not have to face the risk of being drawn back into them when you attempt to recover, as long as you have the right treatment program and management plan. With the tools that Healthy Living will give you, you could successfully withdraw and stay drug-free for the rest of your life.

How Successful Is Withdrawal?

When you see addicts in the media, including films and news reports, you often see them relapsing back into drug addiction, and perhaps even failing during the withdrawal process. You may have known people yourself who have been on recovery programs in the past and then relapsed. They may have relapsed immediately to drugs after returning to society, or it may have come out of the blue after months or years of successful withdrawal. However, the media and personal experiences may have given you a slanted view of the potential for recovery from drug addiction. In fact, the percentage of people who relapse after recovery from substance abuse is between 40 and 60%, while relapse rates for chronic illnesses including hypertension may be between 50 and 70%, a much higher proportion that is often ignored because these are recognized medical illnesses. You often don’t hear about relapsed problems with these conditions, because they are seen as something that you can’t control. However, these relapse rates relate to adherence to medication and a management plan, and relapses tend to occur when the patient ignores these opportunities for recovery.

Finding an Expert Detox In Los Angeles

If you have decided that you will need medical intervention in order to overcome your addiction, then you will need to search for a suitable detox facility in the city. Even if you have had previous relapses, you can achieve successful withdrawal with the right kind of assistance. Because we understand that, like other illnesses including asthma, the condition has behavioral and psychological elements that affect the recovery, we can assist you with building a platform which will allow you to recover more successfully from your addiction, and give you additional tools that you can use in order to withdraw for good.

Try Our Facility For Drug Addiction Recovery

When you come to Healthy Living, you can find a successful program for detox in Los Angeles which offers you a more holistic approach to the issue of recovery. You know that you need to be clean, both for your health and for your career future, and we want to assist you in getting free, and starting to live your own life. Don’t be afraid to reach out to us for help with every stage of your drug recovery, from medically assisted withdrawal to relapse prevention talks. To find out more about how we can help you, send us an online message now.

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