Remove Temptation With A Residential Drug Rehab In California

residential drug rehab in California

It is estimated that more than 22 million Americans are struggling with substance abuse annually. Fewer than five percent of these individuals will receive drug rehabilitation treatment, and less than a half of these will complete treatment successfully. More often than not, a stay at a detox unit is a state ordered condition of bail or probation, and it has been shown that California is one of the states which has moved patients from a prison style rehabilitation unit into a community program as a way to cut costs. However, evidence obediently shows that long-term rehabilitation in a residential drug rehab in California is the only real way to get free of your addiction, and it can be the best way to make sure that you are free of your addiction in the long term. If you need to recover from an addiction, then we can provide you with facilities designed to support you through every step of your rehabilitation, from withdrawal to therapy and psychological assistance. Rather than having to stay in a short-term facility with a low rehabilitation rate, we believe that you deserve the best, and that means choosing to spend your time in a residential facility like Healthy Living. Find out more about how we could help you today by contacting us online now.

Why Choose A Residential Facility

There are never many options when it comes to recovering from an addiction. If you are voluntarily trying to come off a drug, then you will need facilities that are designed to improve your resistance to addiction, and teach you ways to recover and overcome your cravings. Researchers who have studied the effects of rehabilitation on methamphetamine users in Australia have demonstrated that this is the best way to quit, giving you a better percentage, while short-term detox facilities “had even less impact on getting meth users clean”. Researchers also showed that detox alone cannot benefit the addict, and is simply a medical intervention similar to providing inhalers for an asthmatic, or insulin for a diabetic. Without the long-term programs which these chronic patients receive, it would be unlikely that they would keep healthy, and it would instead be a relapse back into their chronic ill-health. In a similar way, detox is the immediate treatment that doctors provide, and patients need long-term assistance with the treatment of addiction as a chronic condition.

Getting Clean With Residential Drug Rehab In California

Addiction is not a choice that you made when you started taking drugs, and you may regret that you participated in drug use early on, which has led you to become an addict. You may be entering drug rehabilitation because you fear the loss of family or friends, or know that your career is threatened if you continue to use drugs. The only choice is for you to start a rehabilitation program. When you are in this situation, it may be natural to believe that a short-term detox followed by outpatient treatment is the best solution. After all, it can offer you the opportunity to behave as though everything was normal, and to conceal that you are an addict. However, we believe that this is the wrong decision for two reasons. Firstly, when you are living as though everything is normal, it is easy to fall back in with the same crowd of addicts, take up the same habits, and generally live your life as you had before detox. This is the easiest path to relapse. Secondly, part of the recovery and rehabilitation process is acknowledging to yourself that you have an addiction. When you are concealing your problems, you are making yourself weaker, and depriving yourself of a support system that is essential to good recovery.

Stopping With Healthy Living

If you are determined to avoid returning to addiction, then your best option would be to participate in a residential drug rehab program in California. Within the residential program, you can get medical care and psychological therapy as part of the process of healing. Long-term stays allow you to have access to addiction specialists when you need them, rather than at set times every week. This means that you can contact them when cravings are strongest. At Healthy Living, we also believe that your addiction needs to be treated as part of a larger underlying issue, and that without treating those issues, you may never free yourself from the needs which led you to drug addiction in the first place. We have a policy of acceptance, regardless of your addiction history or your lifestyle. Anyone coming to our door can feel safe and welcome, as the first step on the path of recovery. We have the facilities to give you the best chance at recovery, so start the process today by calling us at (661) 536-5562 now.

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