What Happens at a Residential Rehab?

Sadly, drug and alcohol addiction is a pervasive and extensive problem in society nowadays. Addiction knows no boundaries, afflicting the young and old, rich and poor, no matter what race or religion you may be. When something occurs within your family, or with a close friend or loved one, you want to know what it takes to get the help they need. The longer your loved one goes without getting help, the more vulnerable they become. It may take specific treatment to start healing and lessen the chances of a relapse occurring, and this may be something that can only be received by going into a residential facility. Understanding what happens at a residential rehab can help you see why it can be the best choice for your loved one.

residential rehabRehab Starts with Detox

Any effective rehab program needs to begin with a detoxification program. It is vital that the drugs or alcohol are flushed from the system so that the body and mind can start to recover from addiction. A quality rehab like ours at the Healthy Living Residential Program introduces each client to our detox program as a starting point. Detox is guided and monitored by experienced, licensed medical personnel. Each client may experience detox differently, and some may have worse symptoms than others. That is why we monitor and make adjustments to care as necessary so that each person comes through detox successfully and safely.

Residential Programs and Therapy

Following detox, the next step at our residential rehab involves a residency at our facility that incorporates therapy. Therapy programs are determined for each person, and we customize care to meet the individual’s specific needs. Group counseling and individual counseling sessions can be just a part of what goes on. We also offer physical therapy that helps to heal the body involving exercise, yoga, and meditation. Healthy cooking and eating also play a role in recovery, and we have a chef on staff to cook meals to meet the needs of each client. There is also time to reflect and enjoy the peaceful grounds and surroundings of our facility.

Learn More About Our Rehab

Each residential rehab will take a different approach to treatment. You will want to spend time investigating options for your loved one so you can get them into a program that gives them the best chance at recovery. Here at the Healthy Living Residential Program, we offer all we can to provide a safe, comfortable, and caring environment that caters to a healing atmosphere. Find out more about what our treatment is like, read testimonials, and learn about our staff on our website. You should then reach out to us by using the contact form on our site or by calling us at (661) 536-5562. We can discuss our program with you, answer your questions, and start the admission process for your loved one with you. Let our residential program be the one you choose so that your loved one gets the help that makes a difference.