Is Residential Rehab The Best Path Out Of Addiction?

residential rehab treatment in Santa Clarita

What do you want to achieve when you sign up for our residential rehab program? Many people addicted to substances such as meth, heroin, or alcohol turn to Healthy Living Treatment to get away from their dependency and start their life again. Many patients have suffered with addiction, losing employment, friendships, or even relationships, they may have been thrown out of the family home, or have ended up living with other addicts, unable to get away from their addiction. If you are seeking to escape this type of situation, then you should reach out to us, and discover whether a residential program could be the best path out of addiction for you.

Why Choose Residential?

You may have previously tried other forms of addiction withdrawal, including simple detoxification or inpatient treatment. Many surveys have shown that these types of therapies are not successful because they do not last long enough and therefore do not give the addict the opportunity to fully withdraw from their addictions. These programs instead simply cause a cycle of withdrawal and relapse which can only make the addict nervous about future attempts to withdraw, and can make them uncertain about their ability to give up addictive substances. This is where residential programs can be very successful, because they offer longer therapies, often beginning with detox and ending with counseling, group therapy and various treatments designed to allow the addict to overcome their problems in a relaxed and comforting surrounding.

residential rehab

Is Residential More Successful?

This is perhaps the most important part of any questions you may have about residential programs. In order to ensure that you are going to get the right treatment for your problems, you need to understand why residential addiction treatments are more successful than inpatients. It has been established that long-term addiction is very resistant to inpatient treatments, and that residential programs offer greater benefits to those with severe or long-lasting addiction. It is estimated that 62% of addicts remain in recovery for three years and more after residential treatment, and more than half of those who last for three years extended that recovery process for more than sixteen years. Residential is an important part of this duration, as sticking with a treatment long enough to learn new skills and tools for long-term recovery is an important part of the program.

Talk To Us About Starting Residential Treatment Today

If you have decided that you could benefit from a Residential rehab program, then Healthy Living Treatment can offer you a space to recover and make sure that you get the very best therapies possible. We believe in helping you to make your own way towards recovery, showing you how to avoid relapse and how to get the most from your time with us. If you think that you are ready to start a residential program today, then you should reach out to our team either by contacting us online, or by calling us at (661) 536-5562 now.

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