Is a Residential Rehab Treatment in Los Angeles Better than Outpatient?

residential rehab treatment Los Angeles

If you want to detox and take steps toward a healthier lifestyle, you may be wondering if residential rehab treatment Los Angeles is a good idea. There are lots of good reasons to pursue rehab but doing so under medical and psychiatric care is always a better idea than attempting to detox on your own at home. There are many reasons for this. Keep reading to find out what they are, so you can make the best choice for your specific needs.

Residential Rehab Treatment in Los Angeles: You’re Never Alone

Battling an addiction is not easy and you’re going to need plenty of support. That’s one of the top reasons to choose inpatient treatment over outpatient. If you’re in a residential treatment facility, you’ll have round the clock care from trained staff members. That includes both medical and mental health professionals who can help you every step of the way, day and night.

You Have a Community Around You

Overcoming alcohol or drug use tends to be easier if you have people going through the same thing around you such as you will find in a residential rehab treatment facility in Los Angeles. Having like-minded individuals who can share your journey and give you tips and advice or simply listen and talk about your struggles is quite powerful when you are trying to overcome something that is so difficult. By spending time with other people overcoming their own addictions, you can feel like part of something bigger and that can really help you along the way.

residential rehab treatment Los Angeles

Intense Care

Addictions are not easy to overcome and that means you’re going to need many levels of care as you work toward recovery. Being in a residential treatment center means you have access to all levels of care when you need them instead of having to wait for your next appointment. That includes mental health counseling, medical interventions and nutrition assistance. You’re more likely to achieve successful recovery if you have all of these levels of care at your disposal.

More Focus on Recovery

As an outpatient, you’ll really only be spending a limited amount of time on recovery tactics. On the other hand, if you are in a residential program, you’ll naturally spend more time focused on your recovery. That includes group and individual treatment methods, therapy and medical intervention, all aimed at helping you manage your withdrawal symptoms and get to a point where you can go home and stay sober.

No Outside Distractions

If you’re in an outpatient program, you’ll be dealing with your recovery along with all the day to day distractions and stresses. Staying a facility allows you to focus only on getting better. You won’t need to go to work, make meals or remember to run errands. Of course, you’ll need some support outside the facility so that your life doesn’t fall by the wayside, but you’re much better off recovering in a treatment center.

Recovery won’t be easy, but residential rehab treatment in Los Angeles is a great step in the right direction. Call Healthy Living today to get started. 

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