How Our Detox Retreat in Los Angeles Can Help You Heal

detox retreat Los Angeles

Our detox retreat in Los Angeles uses a multi-tiered method of treatment to help you successfully detox from drugs or alcohol and lead a sober lifestyle. There are many reasons why a residential treatment program is so helpful but allowing you to focus on recovery without the outside triggers and distractions of your day to day life is one of the best reasons to give it a try. If you’re wondering how effective it can be, have a look at these ways in which a detox retreat can help you heal.

Improves Self Esteem

One of the goals of detox treatment is to boost your self esteem. When you feel good about yourself, you are more likely to make healthy lifestyle choices and avoid the decisions that lead you to addiction. Both group therapy and one on one sessions help you work through the emotions involved with your addiction and give you reasons to move on and make good choices going forward.

Detox Retreat in Los Angeles: Heal Your Body

There are a lot of physical symptoms involved with both addiction and withdrawal. A detox retreat in Los Angeles gives you the tools to manage these symptoms in a positive way. You’ll also have medical assistance along the way so that you can heal your body from your addiction and successfully move through withdrawal symptoms that can be quite intense. This may involve using medication, but having the safe monitoring provided in a detox facility is key to your success.

detox retreat Los Angeles

Teach You Healthy Lifestyle Choice

Part of recovery may involve exercise and nutrition therapy. Often, taking care of your body and reaping the rewards that it offers is a powerful way to speed your recovery and stay on track with sobriety. Exercise heals the body and boosts your mood at the same time, so it’s quite powerful. The trick is to choose an activity you like so you’re more likely to stick with it. That could be running, yoga or lifting weights. At the same time, putting nutritious foods into your body also speeds recovery and makes you feel good. Nutritional therapy aims to use your diet to help you recover and give you ideas for keeping your body healthy through detox and beyond.

Learn Coping Mechanisms

Recovery is hard but preventing a relapse can be pretty difficult as well. The aim of detox treatment is to help you learn how to cope with the outside world and stay sober. This is done in several ways, but group therapy and individual therapy are two important aspects of this part of your recovery. You’ll learn healthy communication tactics, ways of controlling and expressing your emotions without turning to drugs and alcohol, and other ways to stay sober once you’re back on the outside. A detox retreat in Los Angeles is a great idea if you are having trouble detoxing on your own. By getting into a residential setting, you’re better able to focus on your recovery. If you’re ready to detox the healthy way, contact Healthy Living to get started today.

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