Finding the Right Detox Retreat in California

Detox Retreat in California

A detox retreat in California is the ideal place to work toward a sober lifestyle, free of your addiction to drugs or alcohol. There are many such retreats all over the world but finding the right one is important because it helps ensure that you recover successfully and learn the techniques and strategies you need to stay sober once you finish your treatment. Keep reading to find out how to choose the right place for your needs.

Look for Licenses and Certification

You need a facility that is licensed and certified because that tells you that the staff is trained and able to take care of you and meet your needs as you recover from your addiction. In addition to the center itself being licensed, the staff who work there should also be certified and licensed in their area of expertise. This includes therapists, medical personnel and anyone else who is a part of your treatment team. If this information cannot be produced, you need to keep looking.

Detox Retreat in California: Customized Treatment

Detox isn’t the same for every patient so you need a retreat that customizes treatment based on your individual needs. To do this properly, you will need to be evaluated at the outset of your detox stay. The results of your evaluation will tell the treatment team which services and therapies are best for you. This could include group therapy, one on one sessions, music and art, nutrition education, exercise and many other activities designed to help you recover.

Many Kinds of Treatment Team Members

Because detox isn’t one size fits all, you should look for a retreat that has a tiered treatment team, consisting of experts in many areas. That includes medical, mental wellness, nutrition, spiritual care and chemical dependency. By coordinating your with experts on many levels, you receive a well-rounded detox experience that ensures a successful recovery and a lowered risk of relapse once you go back home.

Evidence Based Practices

There are a multitude of ways to treat addiction, but if you want to feel confident that you will truly recover and stay sober, you need to find a retreat facility that uses evidence based practices. These are methods that are proven via research and science to be effective for treating addictions of many types. Examples include cognitive behavioral therapy, the twelve step method and medically assisted detox.

High Success Rate

Before you choose a retreat facility, ask about the success rate. You want one that can prove they do what you need according to the success of former clients. Be wary of places that claim a 100 percent success rate, but also use caution with a facility that can’t prove success.

You need a detox retreat in California that accepts your insurance, but there’s a lot more to it than that. Look at your options and find out more about your choices so that you can choose a retreat that aligns with your needs and goals.

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