The Process of Attending a Detox Facility in Los Angeles

detox facility in Los Angeles

One of the issues that most often concern those suffering from substance addiction is the way they will have to approach the situation should they seek treatment. The process itself can often seem so uncertain and unknown, that it is better for their overall disposition if potential patients understand what it is that the treatment entails and what is waiting for them at a detox facility in Los Angeles. A brief overview of the most common steps in a detoxification process can help put things into a more reasonable, perhaps accessible perspective.

detox facility in Los Angeles

Evaluating the Patient

The first step of any detoxification process is evaluating the patient and determining what the ensuing treatment process will be. Upon starting this process, the patient has to be tested to see which substances and how much of them are still present in their bloodstream. This way, the treating physicians can learn exactly what it is they are dealing with during the detoxification process. Additionally, the patient is evaluated beyond the physical aspects of the addiction in order to determine whether they are also suffering through co-occurring disorders or mental and behavioral issues. This dual diagnosis approach ensures that the patient’s detox process properly treats the whole of the case. 

Stabilizing the Patient

During stabilization, the treating clinicians guide the patient through the ensuing process. Whether it’s done with or without medications, the patient is helped through the consequences of drug withdrawal and further stabilized. Without proper guidance and medical help, withdrawal can have severe consequences on the patient, which is why a detox facility in Los Angeles can make the process infinitely more bearable for the person. Additionally, this stage consists of explaining the treatment structure to the patient. Clinicians properly guide the subject through the expectations they should have out of the process, what they will have to do, and what their support system is. Their close relatives and friends are approached during this stage in order to help them establish such a support system.

Guiding the Patient Into Treatment

Lastly, the detox process prepares the patient for what recovery will ultimately entail. Drug and alcohol detoxification aims at dealing with the physiological aspects of dependency and addiction. As for the psychological aspects of the addiction, these are to be treated by a rehabilitation program, which is a process separate from detoxification. This contiguous procedure will help the patient address co-occurrent disorders and root causes to the addiction, treating the more emotional and psychological issues troubling the subject. Once the patient has agreed to continue the process through rehabilitation, the detox process is considered complete.

Reach Out to a Detox Facility in Los Angeles

Healthy Living Treatment houses one of the most reliable and understanding detox programs in the Southern California area. The detox facility in Los Angeles doesn’t just house the detoxification process in and of itself, but it also shares the space with a residential rehabilitation program, offering consistency and familiarity through both stages of the process. The friendly, highly qualified staff at Healthy Living Treatment is ready to share their caring and understanding approach to treating addiction and help you or a loved one in their recovery journey. To find out more about our detox facility in Los Angeles or inquire about admissions, call us at (661) 536-5562.

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