How A Detox Facility In Los Angeles Can Be The Best Remedy For Addicts

A Detox Facility In Los Angeles

What is the most effective treatment for addiction? Picking the right option can ensure that you recover successfully and don’t go back to your old habits; however, you may have a number of choices to make that can confuse you. There is a great deal of debate about what type of treatment is best. You may choose to go cold turkey by yourself, without medical or professional intervention, or with help from a 12-step recovery program. You may also decide that you want to travel to another country in order to take treatment there, including some which are risky and may lead you to other forms of addiction. In America, if you do decide to be treated by specialists, you will have to pick either inpatient or outpatient treatment programs. You may also be sent to a designated treatment program if you are assigned detox through the court system. When you are wondering what to do for the best, then you may wish to look at your options for a detox facility in the Los Angeles region.

A Detox Facility In Los Angeles

Overcoming Addiction

The United States is in the grip of an addiction crisis that is costing people their lives and futures across the country. Even one type of drug, opiates is responsible for nearly 100 deaths per day, and has around 3 million Americans under its thumb, and California has the largest number of opiate addicts in the country. Research in 2015 showed that 80 percent of those addicts were not receiving any type of treatment, and in California a very small proportion received opioid treatment designed to produce absence. Patients who had received detox services in California were often likely to appear again and again, increasing their risk of mortality by returning to opiates after they emerge from recovery.

Which Is The Best Treatment For Me?

You may have decided that you want to get out of your addiction with help from a detox facility. There has been some research which suggests that the detoxification process ordered by the court and often used by hospitals will fail because there is no external support system, and many of the centers are run by people without medical training or the credentials needed to run a detox center and provide suitable treatment for patients. The researchers also agree that the combination of abstinence programs and the use of “smaller program size, closer proximity between detox and… treatment facilities, and discharge planning”. Addicts benefit from attending rehab facilities that make the most out of modern technology, and use advanced modern programming to help their patients achieve recovery. Research establishes that many treatment programs are still using the same model of treatment that was developed in the 1950s, and was also used for mental health treatment programs. Rather than sticking with these outdated systems, what you should be looking for is facilities that use a combination of withdrawal and therapy, with programs to teach you how to live your life after addiction.

Recovering In A Holistic Detox Facility In Los Angeles

One of the best ways to achieve a full recovery is to try out the Healthy Living Residential program. This is certified by the state center for drug rehabilitation, and is also run by board-certified doctors, and is designed to be a medically assisted withdrawal program. In addition to detox, the facility also provides help and support for patients, including integrated treatment programs for men, women and those in the LGBQT community. The detox program will involve staff working with the addict in order to strengthen their recovery, and identify potential obstacles in the future which may cause them to relapse. The patient will then move into the residential program, which includes programs such as relapse prevention and self esteem groups, helping to provide a better foundation for recovery.

Selecting A Holistic Facility

There are several advantages to choosing to live and recover in a holistic facility. Firstly, you will be given the opportunity to experience different recovery programs, including both counseling to boost self-esteem and awareness, and to create meaningful connections which will ensure that you are not to go back to your former social group where drugs were common. There are a number of holistic therapies on offer, including Reiki and energy work, music and art groups, and a range of activities such as gardening, cooking, and even nature outings and visits to local animal refuge centers. All of these treatments can harness your experience of recovery and give you things to look forward to after you leave the unit. If you want to find out more about Healthy Living detox facility in Los Angeles, then you can contact us using our online form, or call us at (661) 536-5562 today.

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