Discover The Roots Of Your Addiction With Our Detox In Los Angeles

Our Detox In Los Angeles

Addiction is an extremely common problem in modern society, with people becoming addicted to more than just drugs and alcohol. Instead, there are a host of things that you might be doing to excess, including viewing online pornography or spending all of your time on social media. You might think that these are not addictions, but they create the same responses in the brain as addiction to alcohol or drugs, setting up a process of motivation and reward which relies solely upon the addictive thing. Without help, you may never get over your addiction, and the first stage is to find a suitable detox facility in Los Angeles where you can begin the rehabilitation process.

Where Addiction Comes From

No matter what type of addiction you are suffering from, psychologists consider the root causes to be the same. This is usually some kind of trauma, whether it is an emotional condition that affects your ability to handle your emotions, or is a consequence of mental health or even physical disability. The trauma essential prevents you from processing experiences correctly, leaving you vulnerable until you start abusing substances, or engage with compulsive behaviors such as eating disorders or online gaming. It is estimated that more than 95% of addicts have experienced major dramatic events, and over a third have dual diagnosis including PTSD, mental illnesses such as depression and bipolar disorder, and personality disorders.

Suppressing A Trauma With Addiction

Therapists suggest that addiction is a way to find relief from emotional trauma, and that it can become a coping mechanism to help you deal with the long-term effects of that stress. As the user takes more drugs, and gradually becomes dependent upon them, there is a turning point where the behaviors and mental functioning of the user become focused upon the drug, rather than upon the trauma. At this point, there is very little chance of treating the mental illness because the drug addiction is overwhelming. In order to overcome this problem, users have to try to detox themselves, shedding the drug from their brain, and revealing the underlying trauma that has been the cause of their problems from the very start. Detoxing in a supervised environment is the best way to shed that addiction without risking both physical and psychological side-effects.

Getting The Most From Rehabilitation

When you start to attend a detox facility in Los Angeles, you may be hoping for an immediate recovery which will not occur. Instead, you should be trying to focus upon therapeutic sessions that are designed to reveal your trauma, and show you new ways of overcoming that issue. When you come to Healthy Living rehab center, we work with you and a variety of therapies, both traditional and holistic, that are designed to heal the whole of your body, rather than just your addiction. If you want to get started right now on your recovery, send us a message online, or call the team at (661) 536-5562 today.

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