A Nurturing Environment Is Key At a Detox Retreat In California

a Detox Retreat In California

Drug addiction is a growing problem in the States, and in many occasions, it can take six attempts, or a dozen attempts, before temporary recovery is achieved. In many cases, the reason for the failure of drug rehabilitation can lie in the fact that the detox centers are so cold and unwelcoming. Going to a public care treatment facility can mean entering a realm of lost souls, where you are treated with indifference, and there are a great many patients for each staff member. If you want to reach the end of detox with a chance of successful rehabilitation, then Healthy Living can offer you a retreat in California that believes that a nurturing environment can strengthen your recovery process.

a Detox Retreat In California

Understanding Your Treatment Requirements

There are several causes of drug addiction, some of which spring from the mental vulnerabilities of the addict. We know that individuals have to deal with difficulties throughout life, and that sometimes those difficulties overwhelm us, and lead us to seek consolation in substances including alcohol. Because we realize that people who come to us seeking assistance with their drug addiction want to get clean and improve their lives, we think that it is important to provide nurturing and warmth alongside traditional therapies. Because we believe that your mental health is as important as physically detoxing, we aim to provide a more holistic approach to your treatment, improving the chances of a successful response.

Try Our Range Of Amenities

Because we believe that you need to have positive reinforcement during your recovery process, we aim to provide an environment full of amenities which are conducive to full rehabilitation. For example, since your body requires nutrition that will help it detox, we employ a full-time specialist chef, and we also offer you a fully stocked gym. Alongside, there are a range of holistic therapies, including our music and art groups, we offer Reiki and movement therapy, as well as activities such as visits to animal centers, gardening and nature trips, courses in through creation, and games such as chess or ping-pong. All of these are designed to give you more than just basic talking therapy, and to encourage the natural growth and recovery of the mind.

Get Better With Us

When you choose to come to the Healthy Living detox retreat in California, we hope to help you achieve recovery that will be long-lasting. You can reach out to our teams today to receive the best in detox care and rehabilitation therapy, and to enjoy our recovery therapies and group activities. If you want to start getting treatment today, then you need to call a team that you can trust to put effort into your rehabilitation process. We are here to encourage you and assist you in making better choices and learn how to cope daily with your addiction. If you are ready to start the process today then contact the Healthy Living team via online message, or call (661) 536-5562 now.

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