A Detox Retreat in California Helps You Through Withdrawal

detox retreat in California

Detox is never an easy process. It is a complicated endeavor after a complicated problem. However, it is far from impossible, especially when you have the right people by your side. We at Healthy Living aim at being those people. We want nothing more but to offer a program that treats addiction as well as all of the underlying issues fueling it. This is why our comprehensive detox retreat in California stands out among all the others: because we understand the non-linear causes and consequences of alcohol and drug addiction. We have created the ideal environment, a safe and welcoming space for everyone to feel comfortable throughout this process. Healthy Living is a caring provider of new opportunities.

detox retreat in California

Healthy Living Detox Program

The focus of the detox program at Healthy Living lies in providing structural support to those looking to get better in regards to their addiction issues. Drug and alcohol addiction are not easy matters to resolve, for they systematically sabotage a variety of aspects of a person’s life. A detox program is an extensive process that requires a lot of effort on the part of the patient in order to ensure a successful recovery. This can easily become a complicated, disorienting process, through which several aspects of the patient’s life are examined and evaluated in order to properly address any causes or byproducts of the subject’s addiction.

This detox retreat in California is in no way meant to be a definite solution to an addiction issue. Instead, it is part of a long process that aims at treating the long term repercussions of the issue as well as the very roots of the problem. In order to achieve that, the treatment begins with a thorough detoxification and evaluation of the person so as to avoid further physiological issues and recognize psychological ones that are to be treated. Detoxing is only a part of this process, albeit one of the harder ones. We understand that this could sound intimidating, but once you understand the stages of the process, it is not as complicated as it seems.

Drug and Alcohol Withdrawal

Withdrawal consists of a series of symptoms that usually occur after a significant reduction in a person’s excessive intake of alcohol. These center on the central nervous system, taking place because of the changes in a person’s brain chemistry following a consistent excess of alcohol consumption. This is how the chronic use of alcohol creates dependence on the substance in the addict’s brain, and why cutting off someone’s alcohol intake leads to withdrawal symptoms. The nervous system has grown used to the intake of the addictive substances, rendering it unable to function properly without such a supply.

The severity of the withdrawal symptoms will vary from person to person and depend on the substances and intake in question. These can range from hallucinations to motor and autonomic instability. These symptoms usually start within six to twenty-four hours after the last drink, then lasting for up to a whole week. In order for it to be considered withdrawal, the subject has to experience at least two of the common symptoms. These are psychomotor agitation, tonic-clonic seizures, increased hand tremors, transient hallucinations, nausea, insomnia, vomiting, autonomic instability, and anxiety. These symptoms are the organism’s response to deprivation of the addictive substance, therefore being the most evident signs of addiction withdrawal.

Progression of the Withdrawal Symptoms

The severity of the symptoms will depend on the amount and the duration the substance consumption prior to cutting the intake off. Dependance on the substance has such drastic effects on the central nervous system that the symptoms of withdrawal can manifest themselves within only two hours after cessation. The withdrawal syndrome’s unpredictability is what makes it such a dangerous repercussion that it makes it s o important for it to take place under medical supervision. A detox program in Los Angeles can help reduce the gravity of these symptoms by supplying professional help to ease and subdue its harsher aspects.

Drug detoxification is a procedure that intends to reduce or relieve the symptoms of withdrawal when treating people with drug use habits. The detox process is not meant to treat the addiction in and of itself, but it is instead just a part of the long term treatment. This can be done with or without the use of medication, and the methods will vary depending on the location where it’s taking place.

Contact a Detox Retreat in California

Substance abuse is not something to take care of by yourself. Professional help will allow for the process to be bearable and efficient for you, which is why the best option is always to contact a detox retreat that can help you overcome your addiction. If you or anyone you know are looking for a detox program in Los Angeles in which to begin your rehabilitation journey, Healthy Living is the perfect place. Call us at (661) 536-5562 for more information regarding our detox programs.

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