The Importance of Detox in Santa Clarita Before Residential Treatment

detox in Santa Clarita

Addiction seems to affect every family today. We all know someone that has struggled with an addiction to alcohol, prescription medications, or illicit drugs, and we have seen the ruin and havoc it can cause to a life and those around the individual in question. If you or a loved one is facing an addiction issue, getting help is critical to help to turn things around and returning to a happy, healthy life again. Before you seek treatment at an outpatient program or even try to go right into residential treatment, it is important to get a determination if detox in Santa Clarita is needed and get into a program that will help with this crucial step.

Getting Detox is the First Piece of the Puzzle

The person suffering through addiction will likely need to go through detox first so that the poisons and toxins that are residing in his or her body can come out. Detox is a process so that withdrawal can be managed so that the person dependent on the toxic substance can safely eliminate the drugs or alcohol from their bloodstream and body. The severity of the withdrawal can vary greatly depending on the individual and monitoring by medical personnel will take place during detox to make sure the addict remains safe from harm. There are often physical and mental side effects during withdrawal that can be treated to help make a person more comfortable.

detox in Santa Clarita

Following Up Detox

When you come to us at Healthy Living Residential Program, after you go through detox in Santa Clarita at our facility, we can then begin the next stage of your healing process. After the difficulty of detox and you are medically cleared to continue your recovery, you can move into our residential program and start to undergo therapy. We offer various therapeutic programs and counseling options so that you can do what is most effective and comfortable for you. You will work with our professional counselors, therapists, and staff, getting to the core of what caused your addiction and trauma so that deep healing can begin, and we work to teach you strategies that will be best for you moving forward as part of your aftercare.

A Santa Clara Treatment Facility for You

To make sure you get the safe, effective detox in Santa Clarita, followed up by the quality residential treatment that will enhance your recovery, come to us here at Healthy Living Residential Program. We have created a safe, nurturing environment at our facility that is designed to help you begin your journey towards recovery and a better life. You can find out more about our facility, programs, staff, and services by looking at the various pages and articles found on our website. To speak with a staff member confidentially to ask questions or talk about admission to our treatment program, please call us at (661) 536-5562. We can help make sure you get the care and assistance to change your life.

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