Residential Rehab Treatment in Los Angeles: A Way Forward

residential rehab treatment in los angeles

We’re often asked, “what is residential rehab treatment?” There are a few misconceptions about what our residential rehab treatment in Los Angeles is. No, it doesn’t mean that we spend all day meditating in the yard. However, it also doesn’t mean that we simply sit in a dark room and wait to live a sober life, either. We named our facility “Healthy Living” for a reason: we treat our clients’ underlying issues which are causing their addictions in a healthy way. We’ve made our facility as pleasant and welcoming an environment as possible because the journey to recovery can be difficult. By offering a safe and supportive environment, we can help more people to live the meaningful life that they want to live.

residential rehab treatment in los angeles

Specialized Treatment

A person’s addiction may touch many lives, but it’s their addiction. To truly treat that addiction,

the person needs a treatment that’s centered on them. They might not respond positively to a treatment that’s been used countless times for someone else, as that treatment method won’t be specialized organically to their needs. That’s why we make sure that our treatment methods are unique to each person. We’ll perform a thorough evaluation so that your treatment is exactly that: your treatment.

Some of our clients respond very well to music therapy. This particular form of therapy may help to treat their underlying issues and root causes. Others, however, might find that music therapy is ineffective at best. That’s why we have movement therapy, then. This therapy method has people up and moving around, exploring their bodies and living space healthily. There are also art groups and energy therapy. Those are just a few of the different kinds of therapy methods that we offer.

None of them might be right for you. And that’s OK. That’s why we have so many different therapies available. If those aren’t right for you, then others will be. Or, alternately, we’ve had clients whose best method of therapy was actually a combination of several other forms of therapy. Maybe they respond best to some movement therapy, a bit of energy therapy, and even a tough of music therapy. We can put that package together, too. When you come to our facility, we’ll design a treatment plan that’s exactly right for your specific needs. That way, you’ll have a foundation from which to grow.

Healthy Living Activities

Living in the throes of addiction is the literal opposite of healthy living. You’re putting toxins in your body, using dangerous substances, and ultimately leading a destructive lifestyle. Here at the Healthy Living Residential Program, we not only address the addiction, but we treat the underlying issues, as well. Some examples of underlying issues are unresolved trauma/PTSD, undiagnosed mental health disorders like depression and anxiety, or unhealthy social or familial relationships. However, there’s more to it than just therapy.

We’ve found over the years that our clients are best served by helping them to learn healthy living habits, too. You can replace the habits that lead to a destructive lifestyle with those that will lead to a healthier, more meaningful one. This can manifest itself in any number of ways. For example, at our facility, we have a full gym with treadmills and exercise equipment.

Now, maybe you were someone that never ever ever would’ve gone to a gym. We’ve had so many clients who come to our facility and have no experience with working out and eating right. Then, over time, they discover and foster healthy living habits that allow them to be healthier on the inside and out. By taking care of your body through eating nutritiously and working out to your pace at a fitness facility, you’ll end up feeling better in a multitude of ways. Now, we’re not suggesting under any circumstances that working out and eating right is going to beat addiction on its own or anything of the sort. That’s not the case.

But, eating right and taking care of yourself, when matched with appropriate therapy and treatment, absolutely can help. When you feel better and healthier, it can make it just a touch easier to live a sober life even once you leave our facility. We’re all about giving you the tools to succeed so that you can take your life where you want to go.

Our Residential Rehab Treatment in Los Angeles

At our facility, we have so many fun and therapeutic activities. In addition to three nutritious meals a day, we also offer classes on healthy food preparation, too. That way, you can eat healthier no matter where you go. Of course, “eating healthy” is not an antonym for “eating something delicious,” as our chef and classes will show you. Between the nature outings, games and more, there are all kinds of activities which can augment and build on our therapy treatments. When you’re ready to make that first phone call, we can be found at (661) 536-5562.

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