Is Our Detox Program in Los Angeles Just for Addicts?

Detox Program Los Angeles

Detox is generally done for people who have a hard time with alcohol and drugs.  It is designed to manage acute intoxication and withdrawal while your body clears the toxins and reduces the risk of physical issues associated with detox. You might be wondering if detox is only for people who are addicted. That’s not always the case. Here’s what you should know about our detox program in Los Angeles.

Who Goes to Detox?

The primary reason a person seeks out detox is to remove drugs and alcohol from the system while managing symptoms of withdrawal. So people who have trouble not using drugs and alcohol make up the majority of individuals who use detox services. Some people are taken to detox to sober up, while others must stay awhile as the substance they’ve used completely leaves their system.

Detox Program in Los Angeles: What Happens In Detox?

Understanding what happens in detox is a good way to determine if it’s the right place for you or not. Detox works well for many patients but might not be the right choice for everyone. In general, it takes several days for the substance to completely leave your system and the goal is to help you get through the symptoms that go along with withdrawal. This is done medically, but you’ll also have therapists and counselors at your disposal that can help you get through some of the other aspects of withdrawal.

How Long Will You Stay?

If it’s determined that you are a good candidate for a detox program in Los Angeles, whether you’re considered an addict or not, the time you’ll stay varies from patient to patient. For some people, detox can happen in just a couple of days, while it could take several months for others. There are several factors that play a role in the length of time you spend in detox. They include the substance you’ve been using, how it’s taken (injection, orally, etc.), how severe an addiction is, how long you’ve been addicted, your genetics and family history and if you have any other medical or mental health conditions. Because of the many nuances of detox, it’s usually recommended to go through it in a facility where you can be cared for, rather than attempting to do so at home.

How Detox Works

There are a few steps that go along with the detox process. The first step is an evaluation that allows your caregivers to create a treatment plan appropriate for your needs. This includes a blood test and a psychiatric evaluation. Then, you’ll be stabilized, using both psychiatric and medical interventions. There are also some signs of withdrawal that you can expect, which include tremors, nausea, vomiting, lack of appetite, irritability, anxiety, insomnia, nightmares, hallucinations, sensitivity to sound, light and touch, delusions and grand mal seizures. Because of the possible severity of these symptoms, it’s always recommended to detox with medical care.

A detox program in Los Angeles is beneficial for many people, including those who are addicts. If you want to recover, detox is a great first step.  Ready for detox? Call Healthy Living today to get started.

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