A Holistic Residential Treatment Featuring Reiki, Energy Work, and More

residential treatment

Withdrawal can be one of the most difficult experiences that a person ever goes through. At best, it will be very uncomfortable. At worst, it will pose a genuine threat to a person’s health. Much of what happens at our detox is done around aiding and easing withdrawal’s side effects. We do that in a multitude of ways. Many of our patients, once they’ve passed through withdrawal, are then ready to start their residential treatment. We employ certain holistic therapies (and other methods) to make the transition as smooth as possible. 

Detox Overseen by Medical Professionals 

There’s no sugarcoating the detoxification process. It will be rough. However, at our facility, it will be smoother than it would be otherwise.  That’s due to many reasons, not the least of which are our amenities and our medical staff. This is not some sterile, cold environment. Our facility is luxurious, warm, and inviting. Moreover, our medical staff is absolutely top-notch. Each has plenty of education and training, backed by years of experience. They’ll be watching you throughout the process. So, they’ll be ready to respond should anything happen. Through this, we can guide you through detoxification in a better way. 

residential treatment


Originating from ancient Japanese healing practices, Reiki unlocks your body’s natural healing mechanisms. In turn, this helps to promote relaxation in general. For simplicity’s sake, Reiki comes from the idea that your body has a kind of “life energy.” If it’s low, you’re going to be unhappy, sick, anxious, etc. When it’s high, you’ll be happy, feeling better, etc. Whether or not you believe that is irrelevant to the effectiveness of the therapy. We’ve found that some people who didn’t believe in the idea of “life energy” at all got the most out of Reiki, as it helped them to lessen (or even eliminate) the pain and discomfort that came from detox and withdrawal. They were able to lower their stress and boost their energy. That’s something we can all believe in. 

Holistic Therapies 

Everyone responds differently to other forms of treatment. You might have read the above paragraph and thought: “wow, this Reiki is not for me.” We understand that. It’s just one more reason that we incorporate holistic therapies into the others that we offer. While just about every single patient here will partake of personal as well as group therapies, others’ treatment plans will also include Reiki, movement therapies, and more. It’s all part of how we put together a unique, individualized treatment plan for you. 

Residential Treatment and Beyond  

For many, the next step after our detox is to step into our residential center. There, you’ll find our experienced medical staff, our therapists, behavioral technicians, doctors, and more. You’ll be a part of our welcoming and supportive community. To take that “next step,” however, you have to take a first step. That first step can be the most difficult one. When you’re ready to reach out to us, call us at (661) 536-5562.