What to Know about a Santa Clarita Drug Rehab

Santa Clarita drug rehab

When you are looking at rehabilitation options for a loved one or family member dealing with drug addiction, it is important that you know that not only rehab facilities are created equal. You may not think there is much of a difference between them, and you just want to get your loved one into a program as fast as possible. Unfortunately, they may end up in a program that does little to help them overcome addiction, leaving them to fall right back into old habits when the program ends. Spending time investigating a Santa Clarita drug rehab before you enroll your loved one can be the difference between them relapsing and living a sober life for a long time.

Santa Clarita drug rehabA Licensed Rehab Facility

The most vital factor to consider before finding a facility is that its rehab program in question is one that is correctly licensed by the state of California. The facility should be able to provide you with a license number and information upon request. Many even have the license number posted on their website. Any location that is reluctant to provide you with license information is one that you will want to avoid. You also want to know that the staff at the facility are licensed counselors, therapists, or medical personnel. Training and experience matter a great deal if you want to know your loved one is getting the best care possible.

The Programs in a Rehab

Any Santa Clarita drug rehab you are considering should have a variety of programs and treatments that they offer. Traditional 12-step programs do work well for some people, but there are many others that benefit more from therapy that goes beyond group counseling and the like. Examine a facility’s website so you can learn what programs they offer that might be more beneficial to your loved one. A place that customizes a treatment plan to meet the needs of the individual will give a person a better chance at successfully conquering their addiction and living a sober life. Make sure that the facility is willing to talk to you regarding treatment options so you can get any questions you have answered to your satisfaction.

Our Santa Clarita Rehab

At the Healthy Living Residential Program, we are a Santa Clarita drug rehab that can provide everything that your loved one needs so they can succeed in their quest to recover. We are a licensed facility with experienced personnel working at all levels of our facility. We provide clients with medically supervised detox before they enter the residential program we offer, and our residential program creates customized treatment plans so that each person can get the most of their stay with us. Our website provides more information about our staff, facility, and programs so you can learn just what it is we have to provide. You may also call us at (661) 536-5562, so you can ask questions, arrange for a visit to our facility to meet in person, or to find out how to begin admissions for your loved one.