Safe, Effective, and Proven Drug and Alcohol Detox

alcohol detox
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Are you trying to quit abusing drugs and alcohol but nothing seems to work? Did you stop using drugs or drinking to excess many times, only for every attempt to eventually fail? Addictions are difficult to stop, especially when you’re doing it on your own. With the help of our drug and alcohol detox, we can help you to stop abusing drugs and alcohol. Then, once you’re “clean,” we’ll move you into our residential treatment, where you can take steps forward towards a life of joyful, happy sobriety. 

Drug and Alcohol Detox Side Effects: Don’t Try to Manage Them on Your Own 

The truth is that, over time, your addiction could cause a chemical dependency where your body is dependent upon drugs and alcohol. It’s always difficult to quit, but it can be even harder then, as there are very real health risks associated with doing so. For example, in a best-case scenario, you’ll end up anxious, agitated, irritable, even nauseous. Often, however, a person going through detoxification has to deal with impaired memory, being overly sensitive to light and sounds, even dealing with tremors, anorexia, delusions, hallucinations, and possibly even Grand Mal seizures. Going through that at home can be difficult if not outright impossible. However, our trained detox professionals can help. 

alcohol detox

Detoxification Professionals to Guide You 

Unfortunately, there’s no real way to make the detoxification process “easy.” It will never be pleasant or simple. However, it doesn’t have to be catastrophic. It can be rough and painful, but it doesn’t have to be health or even life-threatening. When you come to our facility, we have trained medical professionals who will oversee your detox at every step of the way. That means they’ll be watching you day and night, monitoring you, ready to step and help at any time. With that, you can avoid some of the worst parts of detox. While we can’t make detox easy for you, we can make it a safer process. 

The Three Components of Detox 

Evaluation is the first step. When you arrive, our professionals will ask you many questions, put you through tests, and so forth. The point of this is to know your history and your body. That way, we can best put together a plan for your detox as well as what happens after that too. Stabilization is the second step of the detox, where we minimize the risks associated with detox and keep you safe so that you’re then ready for entry into treatment. 

When You’re Ready for Detoxification 

If you’re battling your addiction somewhere reading this, know that there is hope. It might not seem that way right now, it could be that you’ve tried to quit yet again and it hasn’t worked out. But, there is a way. There’s always a positive step forward you can take. If you’re ready to take that step, or if you’re looking for more information, we’re glad to help. You can reach us through our site or at (661) 536-5562.