Find Help for Addiction with A Detox Retreat In California

detox retreat in California

When you know that you are struggling with addiction to substances including prescription drugs and alcohol, you must also accept that you need serious help in order to recover. Getting free from addiction is not an easy process, and it is almost impossible to try it by yourself. Many people struggle for years with addiction before they finally acknowledge that a detox retreat in California is the best way to get the substance out of their system for good. If you want to understand more about why you need a detoxification treatment as well as therapy, and why LA is the perfect place to find such a retreat, Healthy Living Treatment has some answers for you.

Detoxification with Help

One of the first stages for most addicts facing up to their substance abuse is removing the drugs from their system. Attempting to withdraw and failing is one of the classic signs of an addict and can also be an extremely dangerous process – people may die from the effects of ‘cold turkey.’ This is why it is so important that detoxification is done with the help of medical professionals, and why the majority of drug treatment facilities will focus upon that as the goal of their recovery program. If this is the first time you have considered trying drug rehab, then you may want to know more about why it is vital to detoxify, and what makes it so hard to do. We can explain to you exactly what your body is saying when you feel those cravings.

detox retreat in California

The Brain and Addiction

When you first start using drugs, the brain is enjoying itself. It produces positive hormone responses such as endorphins which are pleasure hormones and give your body a boost. As you use the drug more often, the hormone response is lessened and so you may find yourself taking more and more of the drug in order to achieve the same high. At the same time, when you are not using the drug you experience the absence of the hormone – the brain is now mainly triggered by the drug, rather than other life events. Now, you are an addict. The brain craves the addiction, and the body cannot manage without the brain’s response, so you end up shaking and suffering as you withdraw. In private, this withdrawal can be dangerous because the body can fail, and this is why it is always important to do this under medical supervision.


Recovering Your Life

The importance of recovery lies in the fact that it can give your brain a better response to endorphins, until it is more able to respond like a non-addict’s brain to outside stimuli. This is the goal of recovery, but the first stage will always be to find you a suitable detox retreat in California where you can withdraw safely. To reach out to Healthy Living Treatment today, simply contact us using our online message form, or call the team at (661) 536-5562 now.