Admission to Residential Rehab Treatment in Los Angeles

residential rehab treatment in Los Angeles

Those who struggle with addiction to alcohol or drugs eventually reach a moment in life that can be considered a crisis point. They may have spiraled down so far where they put everything in jeopardy – their family, friends, job, physical and mental health. It is at that point where a decision needs to be made, and perhaps the only thing that can help save someone in this situation is to turn to a rehabilitation facility so they can get the help they require. It can take a while for a person to reach this moment, but when it does, you, as a family member or loved one, need to know what to do so you can provide support and assistance. Gaining admission to residential rehab treatment in Los Angeles may take a few steps, but it is an essential process to go through to get someone the help that can save their life.

Reaching Out to a Treatment Center

residential rehab treatment in Los AngelesThe first step to make is to reach out to a treatment center to see about the admission for your loved one. Most centers, such as ours here at the Healthy Living Residential Program, have Admission Coordinators available at any time that you may speak with over the phone. We realize that crises can occur at any time of the day or night, so our lines are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can call to speak to us, ask questions, and learn what to do so you can begin the admissions process. We will assist you in understanding the situation, and what we can do to provide your loved one with the care they need most right now.

Evaluation Before Treatment

As part of the initial admission process to our residential rehab treatment in Los Angeles, one of our coordinators can walk you through an evaluation over the phone so that we can determine the best treatment options for your loved one. We will ask a series of questions that assist us in identifying the types of substance abuse taking place, a brief medical history of the client if they have received addiction treatment in the past, and other questions. This evaluation allows us to see how we can help most with recovery.

Talk to Us About Treatment Options

Getting the best help possible for your loved one is critical, and our residential rehab treatment in Los Angeles here at the Healthy Living Residential Program can make a difference in their life. Come to our website so you can learn more about our facility and the admissions process we can assist you with so you know what to expect when you contact us. You can phone us at any time at (661) 536-5562 to speak with a staff member to get things started, go over insurance, and more. Know that during this time, we are considered an essential service by the state of California and remain in operation during this COVID-19 pandemic so that you may come to us to get the help your family may need.

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