Other Drugs of Abuse

There are many other drugs of abuse, including:

LSD(Acid) comes in pills or on small pieces of paper that have been soaked in liquid (SD. It makes you see, hear, and feel things that aren’t there. You might see bright colors, pretty pictures, or things that scare you. You can also develop a faster heart rate, sleep problems, panic, sweating, and paranoia.

PCP(Angel Dust) is a pill or powder that can be eaten, smoked, or snorted up the nose, It makes people feel faraway from the world around them. PCP often makes people feel angry and violent, not happy and dreamy.

Inhalants are dangerous chemicals that make you feel high when you breathe them into your lungs (also called huffing or sniffing). These chemicals are found in household cleaners, spray cans, glue, and even permanent markers. Inhalants can make you pass out, stop your heart and your breathing, and kill you.

Club Drugs

Some drugs are called “club drugs” because they are sometimes passed around at nightclubs and parties.

GHB is a liquid or powder that can make you pass out. It’s called a ‘date rape” drug because someone can secretly put it in your drink. This means that you can’t fight back or defend yourself against someone who wants to have sex with you without permission.Rohypnol (Roofies) is a date rape pill and can also be put in a drink. Ketamine (K, Special K) makes you feel far away from what’s going on around you and can feel scary and unpleasant. It is usually taken by mouth, snorted up the nose, or injected with a needle.