Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

What Is MAT?

• MAT is an evidence-based, whole patient approach to treatment.
• The combination of FDA approved medication with counselling and behavioral therapies.
• Federal Drug Administration (FDA) Approved Medication + Counseling and Behavioral Therapies = Whole Patient Approach to Treatment

Who Is MAT For?

• Clients with Opioid Use Disorders (i.e. addiction to heroin, illicit fentanyl, or prescription pain medications).
• Clients with Alcohol Use Disorders.

Benefits of MAT

• Stabilizes brain chemistry
• Cuts down cravings
• Reduces or eliminates withdrawal symptoms
• Blocks euphoric effects of opioids and alcohol
• Allows clients to engage in treatment and behavioral therapies, including counseling.
• Significantly reduces the rate of relapse
• Cuts overdose rates by half
• Reduces rates of HIV & Hepatitis C transmission
• Allows clients to focus on other aspects of their life, like finding a job or taking care of family

Length of Treatment

• Depends on the individual needs of each client and how severe/long-lasting the addiction has been
• Some clients may continue with MAT for the rest of their lives.
• Others can be tapered off MAT under the supervision of a medical professional after 1-2 years.

MAT Medications Used at Healthy Living Residential Program

For Opioid Use Disorder

Buprenorphine and Buprenorphine products

• Inhibits the action of other opioids
• Prevents cravings and withdrawal symptoms
• Lowers the risk of overdose
Offered as
• Daily: Dissolving tablet or film placed under the tongue or inside the cheek
• Monthly: Injection
• Every 6 Months: Implant under the skin


• Blocks the effects of other opioids
• Prevents cravings
Offered as
• Daily: Pill
• Monthly: Injection

For Alcohol Use Disorder


• Blocks the euphoric effects and feelings of intoxication
• Reduces cravings
• Proven to reduce drinking days and amount of drinking per episode
Offered as
• Daily: Pill
• Monthly: Injection


• Reduces cravings for clients who have already stopped drinking.
• Does not help with withdrawal symptoms
Offered as
• 3x per day: Tablet


• Deterrent to drinking: Combining it with alcohol causes physical illness.
Offered as
• Daily: Pill

MAT at Healthy Living Residential Program

During Stay

• Clients have access to MAT within our facility, through incidental medical services (IMS).

After Care

• Healthy Living Residential Program will arrange for aftercare MAT with our in house medical doctor.