Individual Therapy

Addiction is not the result of a single condition or situation. In fact, more often than not, it is a product of a variety of different ongoing problems and conditions. While the addiction itself can be physiological, the co-occurring factors are more psychological. This means that mental illness can lead to addiction and addiction, in turn, can lead to mental illness. This vicious cycle needs to be addressed as part of the treatment, which is what makes individual therapy such a key part of the overall treatment.

Therapy will be a key component of just about any treatment that involves the patient’s emotional and psychological health. After all, this provides the treating professionals with the opportunity to learn more about the patient. This allows them to better understand where their co-occurring issues are coming from, the origin of the addiction in question, and the factors that contribute to its continuation. This back and forth gives the professional an insight into the patient’s emotional situation, which, in turn, will give way to potential coping mechanisms, solutions, and alternatives. It’s not enough to treat addiction physiologically. The long term success of the process will depend on the psychological aspect of treatment.

Healthy Living Treatment

It is important, particularly when it comes to finding the right rehab facility for a specific individual, to find a program that is actively concerned with the general well-being of the patient. This doesn’t just mean maintaining a rigorous clinical treatment, but it also entails providing a comfortable, welcoming environment where patients are helped through their circumstances, regardless of the gravity of their situation. That is why we at Healthy Living make an effort to provide forms of treatment that take active care of patients at varying levels of recovery. For help or more information on the services we provide, call us at (661) 536-5562 and we will address your concerns immediately.