Cost of Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation

Cost is one of the biggest factors considered when choosing a drug or alcohol treatment facility. This is an unfortunate statistic because the well-being of the addict should be most important factor in choosing rehab. However, in the real world most people simply can’t afford to go to any program they want and must decide on the best option that is within their price range.

Yes, treatment is expensive. However, if a child had cancer or a debilitating disease the family would typically find the money to treat the illness. But when it comes to addiction it really is the same thing, only it is happening slower. Also, the addict obviously plays a part in their own self-destruction and this can anger and frustrate parents and loved ones. What must be considered though is that when an addict is in the depths of addiction, they cannot stop themselves as much as they may want to. The guilt addicts feel from hurting themselves and others brings shame and extreme anxiety and they take more drugs to kill the thoughts coming from their conscious. While an outsider might think that an addict is just “having a great time at the expense of others”, there is often much more pain and shame than one might think, it is just being suppressed and hidden by taking more drugs. The addict is living in an unreal world that will ALWAYS come crashing down on them. Have you ever heard of a drug addict who simply lived a long and happy life of partying? No. It is just a matter of time until a crisis happens.

Often unconsidered costs of NOT doing rehab are:

Lawyers: Addicts are careless and get arrested and end up in jail. Depending on the charge, they could spend thousands on a DUI charge to tens of thousands of dollars to defend against a charge of possession or dealing. Plus if there is a probation violation or other charges, they could be looking at 5-10 years in prison. Parents often pay this money to keep their kids out of prison but that does not rehabilitate the addict and now the financial problems are much more than if the addict went to rehab.

Health Problems: Drug addicts or alcoholics do severe damage to their bodies and even when they stop using drugs, their bodies are usually wrecked. Even if the addict does not do serious damage to their brain, it is not uncommon for addicts to need tens of thousands of dollars in dental and skin care to try to undo years of addiction, not to mention liver, lung or heart problems that can be life-threatening.

Death: While a funeral may not cost as much as rehab, the emotional toll on the family is often unbearable and goes beyond any financial cost. While addiction is becoming almost “commonplace” in today’s society, that does not change the fact that it is a LIFE OR DEATH problem. Very few addicts simply wake up and decide to stop using drugs one day and go on to lead a happy and normal life. The overwhelming statistics say that the result of the untreated addict is death or a good portion of life spend behind bars.