Aftercare Planning

Rehabilitation has two main objectives for the overall process: treat the effects of addiction so far and prevent future instances and relapses of substance abuse. This means that while the addiction itself needs to be addressed and treated, habits need to be established in order to set up a standard of living that can be maintained beyond the residential treatment. In order to make sure that the patient will be able to do so, thorough aftercare planning will be required. No rehabilitation treatment will be complete without setting up an appropriate plan of action for the future that prepares the patient for the challenges of life after addiction.

Following residential treatment, a patient won’t just be tossed back into the world without any sort of preparation or support system. Part of establishing aftercare planning will be setting up future support for the patient, including counseling sessions and checkups. Readapting to life without previously used coping mechanisms will not be easy. This is why it will be so important for the patient to still be able to count on a support structure after they have left the residential facility. These resources will be instrumental in helping them establish a lifestyle free of substance use.

Healthy Living Treatment

It is important, particularly when it comes to finding the right rehab facility for a specific individual, to find a program that is actively concerned with the general well-being of the patient. This doesn’t just mean maintaining a rigorous clinical treatment, but it also entails providing a comfortable, welcoming environment where patients are helped through their circumstances, regardless of the gravity of their situation. That is why we at Healthy Living make an effort to provide forms of treatment that take active care of patients at varying levels of recovery. For help or more information on the services we provide, call us at (661) 536-5562 and we will address your concerns immediately.