A Truly Caring Rehab

Chelsea Vasquez (NA)

We recently needed to take my aunt to rehab which she was very stubborn about. She didn’t like any of the places we took her to and refused to stay at any of them. Healthy living was one of the last few we visited and the one that she seemed most comfortable with. The process was not easy for her but she said the staff was very understanding of her situation and helped her a lot through the process. I’m very thankful to them for helping my aunt through all this I don’t think she would’ve been able to handle going to residential rehab without such caring people with her at all times.

Life Changing Residential Rehab Experience

Gregory Hammond (AutomotiveTechnician)

I went to rehab with these guys some months ago. I’d been to rehab a few times already but not to a residential program so I decided to try a residential one instead. The folks at healthy living really turned things around for me and helped me get through this again. I don’t know how its gonna be in the future but right now I feel like a new man. I feel like they really helped by putting me in the right environment and with the right people. 

Their Residential Rehab Saved My Marriage

Carol Wright (NA)

Very happy with how they took care of my husband at Healthy Living. After years struggling with alcohol he finally agreed to doing residential rehab and I couldn’t be happier. Whenever we talked he would tell me all about the process and how much he was learning. It was harsh but they helped him understand what they were doing and why. Really think they opened his eyes to his condition and helped him take the first steps to recovery. What a dedicated staff, I am very content and very impressed.

A Holistic Detox For Alcohol Addiction

Matthew Boden (NA)

My daughter needed to go to detox after an alcohol addiction at a very young age. Everyone at the center was very thoughtful and took great care of her all the time. I was very stressed but they helped me calm down and assured me my daughter would be fine. Now she’s doing great and going to outpatient rehab. Thanks to everyone at the center for helping her through her detox program. Good job.

I've Won My Self Esteem And Purpose Back

Brian Jacobs (Writer)

Thanks everyone at Healthy Living. This was a very difficult thing for me but I’m very glad I got to do it with people who cared so much about me and wanted to see me succeed. I always felt really bad about the idea of going to rehab but now I understand why I needed to do it. Everyone there helped me understand this and work for it even when it got very difficult. I appreciate the hard work everyone put in for me as I went to the program and give thanks to God for making sure I went here for my rehab program. I wouldn’t have it any other way.