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Drug Rehab Centers In Baltimore Md

Legacy Healing Center offers holistic treatment for all types and levels of drug addiction with immediate and long-term benefits. Our drug rehab centers in Baltimore, MD, are ideal for overcoming the withdrawal and begin your recovery journey in a safe and comfortable environment. If you’re struggling with drug addiction, you need professional addiction treatment in Baltimore for several reasons. These include:

1. Safe and effective detox

The detoxification process can be difficult, depending on the substance you’re dealing with and the severity of your addiction. Many people resort to self-detox procedures, worsening their condition, experiencing dangerous side-effects, and, eventually, failing to overcome withdrawal. We perform personalized detox services in a safe environment under the continuous supervision of our certified experts.

This ensures the procedure’s success, as we register your progress and intervene to make sure everything goes as planned.

2. Partial Hospitalization Program

PHP is the ideal option if you’re struggling with severe stages of addiction. In that case, you need continuous supervision, therapy, counseling, medical support, and a secure setting to heal and recover. Our nearby drug and alcohol rehabs offer PHP as part of an overarching recovery experience that promotes stability, security, and effectiveness. Without any form of inpatient care, you cannot recover, sober up, and prevent relapse in the long run.

Our PHP relies on a multidisciplinary approach to eliminate withdrawal, identify the causes of addiction, and provide patients the tools for sustained sobriety.

3. Managing co-occurring disorders

Most drug addiction victims show signs of mental issues, including anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, etc. In many cases, these conditions prevent them from full recovery from addiction and cause them to relapse after treatment. Our treatment centers in Baltimore focus on diagnosing and addressing co-occurring issues during rehab via medication, therapy, and counseling.

This approach will allow us to eliminate the causes of addictive behavior and prevent relapse over the years.

4. Outpatient addiction treatment services

IOP and outpatient programs function as extensions of inpatient/PHP. These treatments no longer rely on 24/7 supervision, as the patients’ clinical status is generally more stable. You will only participate in therapy and counseling several hours per week, depending on your needs and availability. Outpatient programs still play a critical role in the recovery process, as they represent the transition between inpatient rehab and complete social reintegration.

5. Aftercare guidance and assistance

Our drug and alcohol rehab program for Baltimore, MD, incorporates comprehensive guidance, counseling, and aftercare support in the recovery process. Our professional clinicians, counselors, and health professionals will guide you towards a healthier, drug-free life via counseling therapy, family support, and personal growth and development. Aftercare is a defining stage in the recovery process, as it can influence your progress towards a better life over the years.

If you need immediate professional assistance with your addiction, contact our team at Legacy Healing Center. Our drug rehab centers in Baltimore, MD, offer a secure environment for detox and recovery. Call 1-888-534-2295 and get more information on insurance coverage and addiction services today!

Drug Rehab Centers In Baltimore Md